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You can call me Hal.

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A very tenipuri Christmas
kaidoh south park
* Shinsen released subs of 11 -- ELEVEN -- Prince of Tennis eps. 161-171. (10 actual files, but one is a double episode.)

* FET released scanlations of Genius-es 256 & 257.

* The raw for Genius 270 dropped.

* I posted some InuKai. (I guess that one's the stocking stuffer.)

* I got a copy of the latest rajipuri and some doujinshi scanlations.

Hmm, is that all? I should have made some icons or something. I was going to make one that said "My InuKai includes Momo" but only people who remember the 1995 Quebec Referendum would get the reference. (Maybe I still will if I can find a good cap to use.)

Or some fanart. I can't draw at all, but if I could draw, I would draw a picture of Kaoru and Binky-chan from The Monkey Prince, with Kaoru cuddling Binky-chan up against his cheek.

And now I am off to watch the sub of 163 again. And again. And then 164 for the arm porn. And then 163 again.

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(Deleted comment)
They just added 172, 173, and 174, too. *downloads madly* Maybe by the time I'm home from work the rest will be up too. XD (This does not bode well for my catching up with things I need to catch up on.)

It's so lovely to have them all at once like this. I thought it would be ages before there was anything new that wasn't Senbatsu.

I'm far enough behind right now that, since 160-178 will be already be waiting for me, I might even get to watch the whole thing through without any raws after all. Only 6 eps unsubbed in the middle and I think W-Dreamers has done some of those too, if I'd get around to signing up or whatever there.

It's a good time to be a new TeniPuri fan. ^_^ I need to finish the things I am working on... so that I can write some more things.

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