Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Hikaru no Go again

In all the Prince of Tennis excitement, I forgot to post that I have now finished Hikaru no Go. Or so I think. Manga-wise, I've read up to issue 189, plus two special chapters. I've watched anime up to ep 75, as well as the "Road to the Hokuto Cup" special. I have two other special files, but one of them is just a re-working of the filler ep about the teacup and the other looks like it's just a short "Happy New Year" clip before a regular anime ep. Have I missed anything there?

So now I put out the call for links and recs and any sort of spoilery discussion! Where is the HnG fandom? On LJ? Mailing lists?

And, yeah, okay now I see the Hikaru/Akira. (Is there a pairing word for them?) It wasn't there for me until the end, but then it was working. Not sure if I'll feel like writing them or not, but I should probably do some reading. If I do write, it will be to try to figure out Akira, I think. He's a bit of a cipher.

Isumi/Waya is a lot more likely for me. Such sweet boys. But I think it will be the Ogata porn that comes first. He'll give good porn, I know he will. And I've been in the mood to write something really dirty, something I could never write about tennis boys, for a while. (Even too dirty for Quidditch boys, I think.)

Somehow, the anime seemed longer than 75 eps. It was so intense. And the characters were really well portrayed. I must make myself some icons soon, to show willing. And I'm looking forward to watching it all again.
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