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You can call me Hal.

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Super-Amazing! Cheer Hal Up With Badfic Master Plan!
I am home from work with a migraine. I usually don't whine about this stuff in LJ, but this is the second day this week and I'm a little sick of it. It's hard to concentrate on anything too complex, so I find that fanfiction.net is a good way to entertain myself. Only none of my favourite badfic has been updated recently.

So, I throw myself upon your mercy. If you have some time and feel like playing, please participate in Super-Amazing! Cheer Hal Up With Badfic Master Plan! Write some badfic -- any fandom (crossovers are awesome), any characters, any length, any rating -- post it in your journal, and link it here. If you're too embarassed to post in your own LJ and it's not too long, you could also just put it in the comments.

I will write some of my own as well. It's only fair. And I will love you and call the blessings of the Magic 8-Ball upon you.

And may I say in my own defense: I'm drugged.

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Damn, this is the second post today where I want to link to my Tetris-slash, but I cannot find it anywhere, not saved, not in the memories *pulls own hair*

(Deleted comment)
Hee, thanks!

No, codeine and caffeine. And now Gravol. I'm just a little loopy.

Did you see the entries to mrshamill's recent TPM Bad!Fic challenge?

No, I shall have to take a look.

The Prophecy, Part 1

The Divinator’s ball began to glow brightly. Her crazy eyes clumped with mascara looked even crazier in the weird light. Harry gripped Ron’s hand tightly, glad that his red-headed lover was with him. This was almost as bad as meeting up with Voldemort.

You are bonded by ties that transcend even death,” the witch said in a gloomy sepulchreful voice. “But there is pain here, too, from a past life that still haunts you. For you to be truly as one, you must first discover and overcome the source of that pain….

Ron looked at Harry nervously. He didn’t like the sound of that. He loved Harry more than anything and would give up his life for him if he had to. But all of this talk of pain and past lives and transcendent bonds made him nervous. They paid the Divinator seven sickles and left the shop.

It was so important to them to find out if they were truly meant to be together that they’d even gone to Knockturn Alley. They didn’t talk to one another because they both felt too freaked out by what the witch had said.

When they got back to their house in Diagon Alley Hermione was already there. She was six months pregnant with Viktor Krum’s child, though they had broken up months ago. Since then she decided she was bisexual and had a date with Angelina Johnson, who was now the captain of the Chudley Cannons.

“What happened?” she demanded when they walked through the door. “What did she say?”

“She said that we have to overcome something from our past lives in order to be truly happy,” Ron said glumly.

Hermione sniffed her nose. “What a load of rubbish! There’s no such thing as past lives.”


He ran to his room and slammed the door. Hermione never understood him! He tried to look on the bright side of things--the witch had said that he and Ron were soulmates, or close enough, but it looked like they would have to deal with yet another challenge, as if being gay wasn’t hard enough!


I would write you some Prince of Tennis badfic, but I'm at work, and nothing I could think now of could possibly be worse than this.

Hmm, I'm just getting a 404 from the link. But there was lots of TXF badfic in my past. :)

Weird... the link worked when I clicked on it from the comment notify email, but failed when I clicked on it from this page.

Oh well. It was very bad. Country music songfic. XD (In my defense, I was 19, and that was 9 years ago.)

It must be some sort of referer thing. I copied and pasted the link and it worked fine that way.

Ah, MSR songfic, delicious! Their love has purified my soul. :)

Aw, that was lovely! I shed a tear.

Glad I could entertain. ;-)

I tried, but the badfic muses refuse to work properly. And all Inui is doing is taking notes on Snape's potion-making skills whilst Harry tries to figure out whether or not Kaidoh can really speak parseltongue or is just faking it.

...can I drawble for you instead? *offers bish* Name your poison if you want something.

Hee! Thanks for giving the fic a try. If you're up for it, you could draw the Inui - Snape (note lack of / there!) potions scene. That would make me smile and smile.

It's true, the badfic muses are a fickle lot. And they don't have much time for us since they're so busy at ff.n.

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