Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Super-Amazing! Cheer Hal Up With Badfic Master Plan!

I am home from work with a migraine. I usually don't whine about this stuff in LJ, but this is the second day this week and I'm a little sick of it. It's hard to concentrate on anything too complex, so I find that fanfiction.net is a good way to entertain myself. Only none of my favourite badfic has been updated recently.

So, I throw myself upon your mercy. If you have some time and feel like playing, please participate in Super-Amazing! Cheer Hal Up With Badfic Master Plan! Write some badfic -- any fandom (crossovers are awesome), any characters, any length, any rating -- post it in your journal, and link it here. If you're too embarassed to post in your own LJ and it's not too long, you could also just put it in the comments.

I will write some of my own as well. It's only fair. And I will love you and call the blessings of the Magic 8-Ball upon you.

And may I say in my own defense: I'm drugged.
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