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You can call me Hal.

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Happiness is
* a new 14" iBook

* seeing the squee on my flist as people start watching Fullmetal Alchemist, Monster, Prince of Tennis, and Naruto (don't think the rest of you will escape assimilation)

* coming home to find the Boy doing my Thursday night jobs as well as his own

* sneak preview tix for Batman Begins

* listening to my just-arrived Scala CD, Dream On -- a Belgian girls choir covering songs by Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, and more

* anticipating listening to my just-arrived Pat Boone CD, In a Metal Mood -- covering classics like Smoke on the Water, Crazy Train, and Stairway to Heaven

* downloading a new Yakitate!! Japan episode

* pretty boy overload in Genius 272

* watching Bleach 35

* the existence of stout

* smelling my shepherd's pie reheating

* raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (ok, I actually can't hear this song now without thinking of Dancer in the Dark)

* and did I mention the freaking new iBook?

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I have every single episode of Naruto full screen clogging up my harddrive. I attempted to watch it but I couldn't get over the fact that Naruto wears a bright orange jumpsuit. :p

Would it be better in black and white? I can get you every single *chaper* to clog up your hard drive even more...

*uses only Naruto icon*

...*kind of hates the people with 100 icons*

*laughs* Yes, maybe. My little brother has Sasuke hair. I swear about half a gallon of gel goes onto his head each morning.

Hee, that's so cute. So was that a 'yes' on the manga? Do you need me to upload anything?

O_O I had no idea that was a serious offer. Thank you, but no, I'll give the anime another go.

Persevere! It gets really good despite the jumpsuit.

New iBook? How totally cool!

Yeah, it's all pretty and shiny! I don't have Tiger installed on my desktop yet so I'm going to put it on the iBook and test all my software that way.

...I haven't watched Naruto yet, and I've never even heard of Monster. Aie! o.O At this point my entire summer will be eaten up.

Not to mention that I needed to take a break from PoT last night (I'm going through them too fast! They won't last!) so I started re-watching Whistle!.

I am dooooooooomed.

PS. I found a Genius file (#268) and now know that it is PoT related...but what is it, exactly? And where do I get more? =D

Aw, Whistle! Genius is the word that's used instead of "issue" in the manga. (Manga seems to do that a lot, for example in Hikaru no Go, each issue is "Game 3" or whatever." If you want manga scanlations, I can fix you up. Are you ready to jump in with those?

No kidding - I had no clue! Thank you for not letting me make a faux pas somewhere I'm not liked. *grins*

If you want manga scanlations, I can fix you up.

....yesplease. *shameface*

Sure thing. I can either burn and mail in bulk or zip and YSI in smaller batches. I've got about 1GB worth unzipped at the moment, more are still being released.

Whatever's easiest for you, though YSI would have to be smaller batches indeed. I have no idea how long I could sustain a download. My computer is old, poor dear.

Geez, I wish I could think of a way to pay you back. Be sure to tell me if there's anything you're pining for, please.

I love happiness posts, especially when so many of them are my happy place, too.

I need to get Bleach episodes from a local pusher. He gave 5 eps of it to my dad to give to me, and I now have all the manga licensed by Viz. OMG Ichigo! Rukia! Ishida!

Also, I'm taking my FMA DVDs with me to visit nestra in 2 weeks. Mwahahaha!

Bleach is really awesome. My fave used to be Chad ("An I-beam fell on my head.") but then when they had the "Future Me" assignment in school and Orohime drew herself as a *killer robot*, well, I fell so hard for her.

Whee FMA!

Kaidoh is definitely my favorite at this point, I note. OMG KITTY. Although I am cracking up hysterically over the clip riddering of the characters with the voice actors of Scar and Greed playing tennis with each other.

Yay Kaidoh!

Re the VAs, I think they may have even done a few BL dramas together, but don't quote me on that. I've only seen, or I guess heard, Suwabe Junichi in PoT and FMA, but Okiayu Ryoutarou has been in so much of the anime I watch. I still hold out hope he'll show up in the rest some day. :)

Don't you just love Scala? I've got the 'on the rocks' album, and it's beautiful!

I think I'll have to look that one out as well. I'm really loving this.

Then I'll try to find the one you have :D

oh, POT. Last night in the middle of watching POT I remarked, "This is addictive," and my housemate who has only been fighting a losing battle to get me to enjoy anime for the last six years, nearly fell over.

it is just a fluke, really. =;

Now you say it's a fluke, but in six months you'll be downloading just as much as the rest of us. :)

Sounds like the universe is properly aligned again. (:

The universe and my home network. :) (I hate network troubleshooting -- it always seems to consist of getting dusty and turning things off and on again until they work.) The desktops and laptops can see each other now and they can all see the Global Interweb, so all is well.

Now I am installing Tiger on the new iBook. I haven't upgraded my iMac yet b/c I want to be sure everything I want to do will run properly. Also, I haven't upgraded my Disk Warrior and Tech Tools to the Tiger versions yet.

ha! I have sneak preview tix for Batman Begins as well! *gloats, but now in a semi-communal-ish way*

(I've had trouble getting people into Naruto because so much of the episodes--and it's especially bad early on--consist of "previously on Naruto" or flashbacks, or a combo of both. The pace can a be a bit draggy, for example: the arm scene between Orochimaru and 3rd that took, like, 10 eps to finally conclude. Naruto seems to take someone who wants to get into it. Whereas FMA zips along nicely and sucks even the unsuspecting non-anime fans in.)

I'm spamming your inbox, I'm sorry, but your journal's interesting and my brain is completely fried from finals-cramming. FMA and Naruto are the two fandoms I'm determined to get into this summer, and I'm also interested in Yakitate!! Japan and Bleach and some others. *sighs* Now the problem is trying to *find* places to download FMA and Naruto since it's hard to find BT downloads of them. XXD

New iBook? Pretty!

For FMA and Naruto, try http://boxtorrents.com. They do full seasons-worth episode packs.

Take care of your brain!

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