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PoT Fic: 3.1415926535 Short Stories about Inui Sadaharu

A weekend of network troubleshooting and migraine and Inui's cracktastic album. You know how people say they could listen to so-and-so read the phonebook? Well, we get eight and a half minutes of Inui reciting the digits of π. Now that's fanservice.

And what with all the ethernet problems and head problems and Inui whispering in my ear, this happened.

3.1415926535 Short Stories about Inui Sadaharu
Inui/various, PG13

Weight was the key, Inui thought. Kaidoh needed a heavier racquet to complete the Boomerang Snake.

He found Kaidoh on the riverbank, practicing his swing. Barechested, arm moving smoothly through each stroke. Inui bit his lip.

"Kaidoh," he said and reached into his bag for the heavy racquet. He looked at Kaidoh. At the water. At Kaidoh. Oh, what the hell. "Go into the river and swing this towel."

Kaidoh gave Inui a look, but he waded out and swung. Spray arced up and water droplets clung to Kaidoh's bare skin.

Inui grinned. This would work just as well. Probably.




They sat down in the shelter, out of the sun.

"It was a good match," Inui said.


Neither spoke for a while.

"The probability that you are in a relationship with your kohai is 82%," Yanagi said.

"Yes," Inui said. "77% that you are with yours."

Yanagi nodded. They looked at each other. Their shoulders brushed together.

"Probability that we are going to--" Inui said.

"Yes," said Yanagi and leaned in. The kiss was slow, deep, with all the heat of their match behind it.

"--be discovered," Inui said. "98%."

Kaidoh punched Inui.

Kirihara had a knife.


Inui tweaked the colour so Kaidoh's bandana didn't look so blue, then trimmed a few frames. He still needed audio. He called Kaidoh.

"Inui-senpai." Kaidoh sounded out of breath. "Can I call you back?" He panted into the phone. Inui captured it all.

"Sorry," Inui said. "What did you say?"

"I'm running. I'll call later."

Inui had everything he needed. Now he could watch the video whenever he wanted.


"Did you have to answer the phone?"

"Just shut up and do it harder, Momoshiro."


Inui adjusted his binoculars. Of course, it was always better to watch the real thing.



Tezuka turned. "Inui."

"You may have won the match." Inui stepped closer. "But
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