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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
Apparently posting 0.1415926535 of a drabble is cruel and unusual. *g* But that one was my favourite of the bunch. I could really feel how I was out of practice writing drabbles, though. I had to discard a couple of first efforts that were spineless and stingless.

In other news, Batman Begins was amazing. I'd go see it again tomorrow, only it doesn't open until Wednesday. Loved the production design, loved the intensity, loved the cast. And this is another one of those movies where they show the credits at the end and I go, "Gary Oldman? Gary Oldman was in this film?" I think that says more about him than about me, though.

Before the film, they put up this slide about how it was so very, very, very naughty to take a picture of the screen with any sort of recording device whatsoever and I thought, what about my brain? I'm recording the film into my brain cells. And then I could describe it all to you, every bit, in painful detail like one of my friends in junior high used to do. What are they going to do about that, eh?

I sleep now.

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I never used to even think about trying to record a film in the cinema until they started putting those slides up.

Now I sit there and wonder how people do it, and if I could, and would it be worthwhile?

I bet it wouldn't be hard. It makes me want to buy a video camera, just to try it out.

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