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You can call me Hal.

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I love it here.
Gay marriage a first for Canadian military.

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I wanna be there instead of here. Our policy is such crap. I'm so proud of Canada for their courage and common sense.

Ditto THAT.

Canada sounds so cool. And you even have Mounties!! Y_Y

(Deleted comment)
All that and Doctor Who!

Do I want to know what that is? (g)

I love it there, too. *g*

-Beth, who's unfortunately here, not there

That's awesome. I wish I lived in a country that civilized.

It's unfortunate that the United State can't be as sensible as Canada. -__-

Anyways, hurray for the happy couple. :D

Go Canada :D

Even I (as a Dutch girl) am starting to get jealous of you. Not because of the gay marriage option (we have that too :) but because of your lovely lovely lovely social security system. Ours is going down the drain. *cries*

*nods* I'll book a flight soon.

WOOT! I'm not terribly patriotic, but I dearly love this country.

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