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Prince of Tennis
If you took some chunks of CRACK and put them on a CRACK skewer and marinated them in a CRACK sauce and grilled them over a CRACK fire, then served them over a bed of FANSERVICE, you would have A Present From Atobe (104 MB Real Media) -- the short from the Prince of Tennis movie. You will laugh, you will cry. There are thrills, chills, CRACK, and romance. The greatest movie of the year!

The video quality isn't great and the sound is pretty bad and the word "SAMPLE" is at the top of the frame, but that doesn't really matter because it is sweet, sweet CRACK. Many thanks to mitethe for passing along the file.

My only complaint is that they didn't play soccer long enough. I could have watched an hour of them playing soccer.

ETA: Re-upped the YSI link.

Via dorrie6
Read this thread at fireflyfans.net for info on a possible earlier movie release.
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