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You can call me Hal.

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Double double, toil and trouble
ponderosa121 has done a lovely crossover doodle for me of Snape and Inui! It's the third one down. (All are safe for work.)


NB: Not slash, cause that would be wrong. Unless it were a story where Percy was sleeping with Snape in that dirtywrongbad way they do and then Inui cut him out and it was all about Percy's Terrible! Angst! and Revenge! and then Snape got done for statuatory rape and Percy and Inui tried to heal each other's emotional scars with sex but that so did not work so Inui went back to Kaidoh and Percy to Oliver and everybody lived happily every after except for Snape. I think Snape would be seriously disappointed if he lived happily ever after.

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he wouldn't mind living happily ever after as long as nobody knew that he was actually happy, so that he could retain his grumpy image.

Hee! Maybe he already is. :)

Percy/Inui/Snape is the best idea ever! And I see you've already fit it into your Inui/Kaidoh universe. :D

Poor darling Percy. Nothing ever goes right for him.

Re: You totally called it.

*g* Actually, it's only Hanamura's School for Gifted Youngsters that I think are really mutants. It's the only way to explain their weeeeeeeird abilities.

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