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O Buchou! My Buchou!

The Boy was helping me brainstorm a tenipuri fic today. About Kaidoh, of course.

Boy: Will this be something I can read?

Hal: There might be some mild slash content but not too much.

Boy: You mean afterwards, Kaidoh comes back and he and Inui have sex?

Hal: a;lkajs;dlkfja;lskdjf;lakj;l

Hal: I said mild slash content! Slash does not equal porn!

Boy: Well, it's clear that they have a thing.

Hal: No sex! Jeez!

We had a much less racy convo the other day about Who will be buchou in the fall? (Manga continuity.)

It seems clear to both of us that Momo and Kaidoh will be buchou and fuko-buchou (sure, Ryoma can out-play either of them, but he's still a first-year and, really, so not buchou-material). But who will be which? How will they decide?

My favourite scenario is the one where Ryuzaki-sensei tells them they have to decide between themselves and so they get to go have a super-secret super-intense match and Kaidoh just barely wins and they make out bond and afterwards they still snipe at each other a lot but are lovers bestest friends bestest friends with benefits.

But what if she just picked one of them? Or made Tezuka decide? Whom would he pick? Or what if Momo and Kaidoh managed to make Ryuzaki-sensei so mad that she picked Arai instead?

Who do you think should be buchou in the fall? Who do you think will be?

I know I'm biased, but I think Kaidoh would be a better choice. I think Momo is too easy-going. But he should definitely be fuko-buchou. They're fucking hot complementary that way.
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