Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

The crystal is the heart of the blade.

Recently, I had an experience I had expected to never have again: a fannish Star Wars moment. More than that, an OMG STAR WARS! moment. Verily, it was a miracle of Biblical proportions.

And the cause? A little thing called Star Wars: Clone Wars. An "animated micro-series", written by Not George Lucas, directed by Not George Lucas, taking place between AotC and RotS.

It kicks ass. The animation is sharp, the action is frantic, the characters are on. And the sound!

Obi-Wan is pissy, Anakin is petulant, Mace Windu is so damn hot, and the Sith. The Sith are so very, very cool that Lucius Malfoy wants to join them now.

And then there's General Grevious.

Damn, I can't wait til Volume Two comes out on DVD. Cause I can't figure out if it's on TV here or not.


In other news, Tezuka is pretty.

This is a panel from the manga. I can't recall which chapter, but the caption I shopped out was "Because I am his captain." Mmmm. I just really wanted to colour it, so I did. It reminds me of my secret theory that Tezuka actually went off to Paris to become an international male fashion model.

Tags: art, star wars, tenipuri, tezuka
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