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I work in a small office -- 8 people altogether, one of whom is usually off-site. We went for a staff lunch yesterday and once again, the conversation turned to toilet paper. Specifically, what's the proper way to hang it?

This first came up at our Xmas lunch and on that occasion we'd all been drinking rather a lot, so the discussion was quite heated. (We also ended up singing Waltzing Matilda and Six White Boomers in the rather posh restaurant in the middle of the day.) Some argued on ergonomic grounds, some on mechanics, some on morals.

It was eventually decided that there would be a pinball tournament (we have a pinball machine in the meeting room) as a sort of trial by combat. But the losers accused the winners of cheating and things have never really been resolved.

For me, I don't actually care which way the paper is hung. And I was adamant that even if everyone else came to a consensus, I would continue to hang the paper whichever way I happened to grab it.

And these constant rehashings annoy me. So, I've started flipping the paper every time I'm in the bathroom. Whichever way it is, I change it. We'll see how long before anyone notices.

And you -- what do you think?

Poll #133440 The Definitive, Decisive, Once-And-For-All Toilet Paper Hanging Poll

According to your beliefs and convictions, toilet paper is properly hung when it is:

Over the top
Who the hell cares?
You should be ashamed, wasting resources on this poll instead of ending world hunger
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