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You can call me Hal.

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We're dans la masion.
It's been three years and there's still something a little sad about a Sunday night without The X-Files.

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I was in a Greek deli this afternoon, in which there was a photo taped up of David Duchovny with one of the shop's employees. It was obviously taken during the early years of the show, and he looked like he wanted to kill himself. But the shopgirl looked delighted.

I'd say, "oh the poor man" but I really don't feel that way. *g*

I hope the Smoking Man's in this one

For a while, there was intense emptiness on Sundays. And then it was kind of nice to have a break. But now that the 4400 comes on on Sunday? My X-Files longing has intensified. As long as nothing else took its time slot, I was OK with it. But pretenders to the throne make me sad.

Re: I hope the Smoking Man's in this one

I have just come off 10 weeks of Trailer Park Boys on Sunday at 9, but it's only 30 minutes and it's such a different show that it never felt like it was encroaching. But now I have nothing! Nothing!

Well, nothing except my huge VHS, DVD, and avi collection. *g* I guess I can find something to watch.

The last time I watched the X-Files in the room I'm in now, I was using a 9" black and white TV that was the only one in the house that would get FOX because it would only come in upstairs with rabbit ears and the color TV was too big to take out of the den (that was in 1996, for the record). When I could, I'd travel 50 miles to go watch it on a projection screen in a college lecture hall.

The following summer I had just gotten into military housing and was waiting for my ex to be allowed to move off-base and into the house with me; I bought a TV that must have been as old as me, that had migrated from color to 'black and white with red-purple tones'. I tried to watch XF reruns on it, but I got to the season 2 one set in the slaughterhouse and gave up (too red!). In September we bought our new TV about a week before the season premiere so we would be sure not to miss it.

Man, I loved that show. I stopped watching for a while mid-season 4, caught the season 5 finale and was full of love again just in time for the movie, then kept watching until somewhere mid season 8. The sixth season I swore every week that fanfic authors I knew from alt.tv.x-files.creative circa 1996 had taken over 1013 Productions; I should buy that one on DVD.

I watched until the bitter end, bad as it got. I miss not only the show, but the fandom, the logging on at 10PM to see what people thought, the not-checking of email prior to that since I live in the Pacific time zone, the monofannishness of those days.

Not that I'd go back, exactly, but I miss it all the same.

Oh yeah, especially when you have only insightful things like Charmed to finish your weekend off. Just not right.

Hee! I'm just not watching anything on Sundays now. Well, the Simpsons.

Alas, but I have no X-Files icons for this.


I'm currently watching all nine seasons over again via my handy-dandy Netflix account. I'm about to wrap up season 2 and apparently I missed quite a few episodes somewhere. They all seem new to me!

I just watched Humbug earlier tonight, and I don't care how many times I've seen that particular episode, it never gets old. Gotta love the freaks man.

This is my new cunning plan, to be implemented the very second we have the money for it. Netflix ahoy!

Whee, Humbug! That episode was so awesome. I was always ticked off that I couldn't go see Jim Rose when he came to town.

I was just listening to that song yesterday. I get nostalgic every time. I've been ordering the very-on-sale DVDs from Best Buy, so I'll own them at last. A couple of weeks ago I watched "Squeeze" and "Tooms", and I swear I almost cried.

I know that feeling. I love the first few seasons so much -- unpolished and strange and so genuine.

(Deleted comment)

Re: dans votre maison

Bonjour! Je m'apelle Hal. Je veux acheter un chapeau.

OK, I could probably do better than that, but I'd need a dictionary to check my spelling.

The first episode of The X-Files I ever saw was "One Breath," on a videotape given to me by one of my dad's post-docs. I still remember minute details of the experience--the color of the light in the room, the feel of the remote in my hands, the absolute punch to the gut that was Mulder in tears in the doorway to his apartment.

I loved that show so much.

The colouring of the show was fantastic while they were in Vancouver. So moody.

I'm just that old school.

Friday 9pm will always be the One True Timeslot to me. (When I listen to the Bree Sharp song, I always want it to start "It's Friday night...")

Re: I'm just that old school.

Tying to one-up me, are you? *g*

I saw one XF in it's Friday night timeslot (and I remember thinking it was kinda lame--Tesos Des Bichos--but the lead actor was hot...and kinda gay, which totally worked for me. Found it again on Sundays once my roomate, the 7th Heaven fan, moved out and since then, nothing on tv has come close to affecting me the way that show does, and I'd gladly give up cable and all as long as I have my dvds.

Long live XFiles!

It was the first and I suspect nothing else will affect me in quite the same way. And I still hang with lots of my old TXF pals, even though we're all in different fandoms now.

Please don´t make me cry. I still can´t get over the fucking show.

No, really, damn. I watch at least one ep a week cause if not I would miss Mulder and Scully so much. They are the biggest part of my adult life (I was barely 12 when I started watching the show, I was the first wave of spanish fans) and I miss so much the anticipation before each episode, the waiting for a week, the squeeing whenever I saw Vince Gilligan´s name in the credits. I miss everything. I still love the show more than anything else in the world (thought, Mulder and Scully should watch out! Fullmetal Alchemist is going against them).

Actually, Millennium is my show like that, the best show that was, is, and is to come, for ever and ever, amen. I miss Frank every day. I'm so glad the show is finally coming out on DVD. Once I have S3 in hand, my life will be complete.

Millenium was very randomly aired in Spain and it´s a shame, cause I loved it (not as much as The X Files but more than the rest of my x-philes friends seemed to do); I hope it comes out soon in DVD in Spain, too (thought I have to save up for the West Wing, actually), I´d really like to watch it whole.

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