Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Star Search

I got my website search results from Atomz today. They're a little harder to read than they used to be, since I'm now using a clever combo of mod_rewrite and the site search to keep old site links from breaking. So, there are a lot more search terms than they used to be and they're not so interesting.

But if I dig, I can still find the good stuff.

Sometimes I think about writing fic to match the search terms.

harry potter femslash -- someday, I promise.

smiling legolas -- whenever he's with Gimli, baby.

jedi lex -- I love the way your mind works.

bad toad bad toad -- been there, done that, but the phrase is so musical.

padme lesbian sex -- actually, I thought that in Ep II the new queen had a thing for Amidala.

hardy boys -- oh, if only I could do it justice.

Um, but don't go searching for crazy stuff just to try to make me write it. There are already enough voices in my head.

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