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Why isn't Northwest Passage our national anthem?

Canada Day
Yay for us, especially this week! I will celebrate by sitting around in my jammies all morning listening to Stan Rogers and possibly going out to Tim's for a doughnut in the afternoon. My Canada icon is Pierre Trudeau, our fifteenth Prime Minister.


Tag Cloud
Oh, the cleverness of me! I have been tweaking with my S2 layout for a few weeks now and continue to tweak. (Frankly, I haven't even looked at it in IE Win yet, so caveat lector.) Today, I figured out how to build in a tag cloud -- a linked list of all the tags I've used. You can see them in the sidebar in my Recent Entries.

Here's the code I inserted into function Page::print ():

# Tags list
if ($p.view == "recent") {

     var Tag[] mytags;
     var string taglist;
     $mytags = $p->visible_tag_list();
     foreach var Tag t ($mytags) {
          $taglist = "$taglist" + """<li><a href="$t.url">$t.name</a></li>""";
     """<div id="tagcloud"><h3>Tagcloud</h3><ul>$taglist</ul></div>""";

Style as desired. If you're comfortable tinkering with S2 or learning how, that should be useful.


Fic and Migraines
When I clicked on my fic tag, I noticed that the last three fic-like things I posted all made reference to migraines. I wonder if I've started to come across as someone who has some freaky physical possession bemusement mechanism that manifests itself as splitting headaches and who is going to go out at the weekend to get treppanned.

The truth is that I've been getting a lot of migraines and writing snippets of fic comforts me when I feel lousy. But I've been writing non-drug-induced things as well. I've spent a couple of months working on a Soul-Sucking InuKai story which I've now had to put on hiatus while I wait for my beta to forget it exists solve the structural problems. And I've been writing a non-soul-sucking InuKai I hope to post next week.


The Summer of TezuRyo
I've been wanting to get back to these two for some time. My plan for the summer is to re-watch the series with a close eye on their relationship so I can post about it and write about it. (TezuRyo is an anime-only ship for me -- my manga ship is Tezuka/Oishi.)


I'm sorry I've ignored your kissing study for so long. Don't crush me!

Tags: canada, lj, tenipuri, tezuryo
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