Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


There is a moth in my bathroom. A large moth. The kind of moth that makes you wonder if you could just use the bathroom at the gas station all weekend. The kind of moth that lands on your face and sucks out your eyeballs. The kind of moth that comes with two tiny girls who say, "Please give back the egg!"

I think the electric bug zapping racquet, which the Boy bought so he can pretend to be Momoshiro and Dunk Smash the wasps, will only increase its terrible powers. If I sprayed it with Raid, I would be poisoned before it even started to cough. And I forgot to charge my lightsaber.

When I'm being terrorized by large moths, as I am from time to time, I normally call the Boy to dispose of them for me. I think he hates them as much as I do, but he's the man. My guilt at reverting to gender sterotypes and my frustration over not being able to do this for myself pale beside my fear of very large moths. Once, he even came home from work to kill a moth so I could take a shower. (He just works across the street, if that makes me seem less pitiful.)

But he is away this weekend and so it is just me and Mothra. Maybe I'll get a hotel room.
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