Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


Moth update: Has disappeared. May be gone, may be lurking.

Half-Blood Prince update: I am spoiler-free. I intend to remain so if at all possible and will not be posting un-cut spoilers in my LJ until September.

And, people, I appeal to you! Please don't post stuff like "spoiler under the cut for who gets their hair coloured" because then I know that someone is getting their hair coloured and I'll spend the whole book wondering who it is and when it will happen. That's what happened to me with OotP and it significantly changed my reading experience. (And it's already happened for me with HPB but I'm hoping to avoid any further spoilerage.)

Not that this can be a normal reading experience in any case, since I'll be rushing through the book as fast as I can so I can finish it before I get spoiled. It was weird with OotP -- it felt like watching a Buffy episode instead of reading a book. The second read was much better.
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