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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
The adverbs! They burn!

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Hehehehe. I know what *you're* reading! :-)

Six hours of adverbs! And now to get to the all the downloaded Sci-Fi shows. What a weekend!

I think, though, that HBP shows signs of better editing than OOTP. The cool stuff shines through the adverbs.

(through chapter 9, anyway)

Yeah, I would agree. I was only on chapter 3 when I posted this; I've done now. And I always enjoy JKR's storytelling.

Amazingly, they weren't nearly as thick on the ground as OotP.

But yeah, I've read better written fanfic

Not nearly. I mean, a lot of tagless dialogue and a lot of naked 'saids'. I'm actually much more impressed with her writing in this book than I thought I'd be.

They did seem fewer, yes. But still very noticable. :)

I... wow, I know I'm going to look insane complaining about something that can so easily be dismissed by those who think we're all psychotic, and that clearly what you're saying isn't a spoiler in a plot sense, and that it's my own damn fault for even looking at lj in the hopes that someone was talking about something else this morning and that spoilers would be behind a tag. Clearly it's too late for me, but it might behoove someone else like me if you'd cut-tag this.

My book hasn't arrived yet. From the moment I open it, once it arrives, until the moment I'm done reading, guess what I'm going to be hyper-aware of on every single page because you didn't put this behind a cut?

This is not a spoiler and I'm not going to cut it. The excessive adverbs have been present since Book 1 -- it's hardly unexpected that they continue in Book 6.

There is some further vague commentary on the writing style in HBP in the comments to this post, just to warn you.

Passing by via friendsfriends to say: That is *word for word* what I said this morning, when my mother asked what I thought of it. :D

Although agreeing with the above commenter - the editing is better overall. Thank heavens.

Hee! She shakes them on like hundreds and thousands, doesn't she? But yes, smoother overall.

Hee! And a typo on page 10 of the U.S. edition - site when it should be sight, unless there is something wrong with my eyes.

I didn't notice any in the Canadian edition. But I was racing through at a fair clip.

(Deleted comment)
The little dot, like teardrops :(...

(Well, that looks more like drool.)

do the burn flamingly?

(...you can kill me now.)

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