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Stargate: Atlantis -- The Seige, part III

Spoilers, natch.


Even though I knew he was going to be there, I was still unprepared for how amazingly amazing it would be. That lovely bald head. Those broad shoulders and slim hips. Those pretty eyes. The way he moves. That voice, that voice, that voice.

God, I've missed him. I just wish his pants had been tighter.

I suppose I should learn his character's name so I can start pairing him up with all and sundry. As soon as I catch up with life, there will be icons.

Oh, yeah, Rodney was just as cute and wonderful as ever. :)

I admit, I didn't exactly like the episode all that much. I felt like they just kept raising the danger to higher and higher levels but without anything interesting behind it. Just -- you took out three motherships? OK, now there are twelve. You dealt with twelve, OK, here are a million. Rodney averted one crisis, bitching all the while? OK, here's another crisis for Rodney to avert, bitching all the while. (I do love the bitching, though.) Etc. When they try to ratchet up the tension that high, it backfires, at least for me.

I'd like to see something more like:

Weir: Who are you? I've never seen you before.

Sheppard: It's me! Sheppard!

Weir: Seriously, who are you?

McKay: sniffs at Sheppard You smell familiar.

Sheppard: That's because I'm John Sheppard.

McKay: It's my conditioner. You stole my conditioner!

Weir: turns on communicator Major Sheppard, we need you up here now.

Sheppard: How many times do I have to tell you, it's me!

Zelenka: takes out a tube of hair gel

Sheppard: Hey, what are you doing?

Zelenka: fixes Sheppard's hair The chemical compounds in the conditioner have changed the consistency of Major Sheppard's hair, effectively disguising him.

McKay: Of course! The conditioner made his hair go flat so we couldn't recognize him.

Zelenka: That's what I said.

Weir: So why were you using McKay's conditioner, Major?

McKay: Yeah, why were you using...oh. Never mind.

Caldwell: stands around bare-chested

I'm sorry to see Ford go, though. I liked him a lot. But nice to see Carson in the credits now. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.
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