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You can call me Hal.

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HBP and the PoA movie
So, when the PoA movie came out, didn't JKR say that there was something in the film that inadvertantly foreshadowed something in HBP? What do you think it is? Or was it just foreshadowing for the rest of the series, so it might be something we haven't seen yet?

there may be HBP spoilers in comments, obviously

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I was thinking about that too! I recall everyone assuming it was shades of Remus/Lily, but that obviously didn't happen. Maybe it was just the overt R/H stuff.

I suspect it was just the Ron/Hermione stuff.

If you'll let me go off-topic for a sec, I think something else about the PoA movie is fascinating -- the director said that he wanted to include a graveyard on Hogwarts grounds, didn't he? And JKR said no, that a graveyard would be in a later book?

And then, in HBP, we learn that Voldemort can control dead bodies?

*rubs hands together*

I think the graveyard bit was referring to Dumbledore's burial, and the fact that no one had ever been buried on Hogwarts grounds, so having a graveyard in PoA would contradict that.

BUGGER. Well... there's always AU fic? Or maybe they can start a bloody graveyard. hermione_like and I have been discussing how we'd like to see a full-out battle at Hogwarts in book seven, complete with Charlie riding in on a dragon and blowing away all the zombies, and I don't want to let go of that awesome mental image. XD

That mental image is freaking beautiful, mate.

The only thing I actively want to happen in the seventh book, as opposed to vague hoping, is for Harry to, at some point, say the word "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" in an actual conversation. That would make my life a brighter place.

Dude, don't be so serious, people'll think you have no sense of humor!

Oh gosh no, anything but that. ( ;

Hah. That is a fabulous icon.

I know, I only commented to show it off. Aint it, though? potterpuffs is glorious. :D

There exist potterpuffs and I didn't know about them? My life has been incomplete up to this point.

No, JKR didn't want the graveyard in POA because she insisted the graveyard was *inside* Hogwarts and not on the grounds.... I think.

You realize, of course, that I just had the image of zombie!Dumbledore wreaking havoc at Voldie's command.


If someone's brains don't at least get nibbled on in book seven... :((

Snape! Blocking and protecting the Trio! It's going to happen, because Snape is ultimately on the Good Side, even if he himself isn't Good.

That was my thought too.

(Deleted comment)
Hermione and Ron. Snape.

Heh, I don't trust JKR on this one, since she said the same when CoS came out, but...Draco whimpering? Muhahahaha. (Or Harry crying, like at the end.) Nah, I got nothing.

I saw it yesterday and paid particular attention to the Snape - and - Dumbledore interactions and all I could think was, perhaps, the way Snape was over Dumbledore's shoulder during the Feast, or their conversation in the Great Hall while everyone was asleep.

My memories of the movie are not as keen as they should be. But I know when reading the scene with the Gryffindor hourglass breaking, I immediately thought of the movie.

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