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Anime update

Just when I thought I was getting caught up with all my media. (Though I continue behind on comments -- will catch up today, I hope.)

Prince of Tennis Movie torrents

These are DVD rips, so they are lovely and clear and they are also huge. Raw files, not subs. Thanks to mitethe for passing along the links. You'll probably have to copy and paste the torrent links into your browser.

The First Game
-- 1.85 GB rar file, un-rars into 2 GB worth of vob (and other) files. I can play these on my media player; I think any player that can play DVDs should work.

Crystal-clear CRACK! I haven't finished watching, but I'm part-way in. Already, I'm jonesing for some movie-universe Ryoga/Tezuka CRACK. And those suits are just as terrible as they looked in the previews. Apparently, they all shop at the same place as Touya Akira.

A Present from Atobe -- 1.9 GB vob files. I've only just started this download, so I can't commment on the files yet.

Other Anime

Shuffle -- I grabbed the first episode. I would say: meh. Looks like a cute harem / extra-dimensional-beings type show, if that's your thing. Not so much mine. (Well, KKM aside. *g*)

Tide-Line Blue -- Looks awesome. A disaster has killed most of the world's population and raised the sea-level so that land is scarce. Some people try to pull together, others try to pull apart. The focus is on a young man and the people he cares about. This just started -- I think there will be 13 eps in all.

Honey and Clover -- Something like 10 or 11 episodes are subbed so far. A few people on my flist mentioned this lately so I thought I'd check it out. I've seen 5 eps and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's a cute shoujo/slice-of-life show about art students. Mayama breaks my heart.
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