Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Genius 278 raw

Here's the zip, if you need it (YSI).

So, Momo's all, Kaidoh has a fine, fine ass, and Inui's all, hey, get your lecherous eyes off of him, and Momo's all, shut up, I can look wherever I want to, and Kaidoh's all, my god, what if they find out I'm seeing them both? (but it's true my ass is very fine).


Also: Eeeeeeeee! IK doubles! And if I get to see some MK doubles as well before the end, my life will be complete.

ETA: Translation by athena8. (But I like my version better. *g*)

ETA 2: Added the relevant frame under the cut, so I can keep gazing at it.
Tags: tenipuri
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