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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 278 raw
inui manga
Here's the zip, if you need it (YSI).

So, Momo's all, Kaidoh has a fine, fine ass, and Inui's all, hey, get your lecherous eyes off of him, and Momo's all, shut up, I can look wherever I want to, and Kaidoh's all, my god, what if they find out I'm seeing them both? (but it's true my ass is very fine).


Also: Eeeeeeeee! IK doubles! And if I get to see some MK doubles as well before the end, my life will be complete.

ETA: Translation by athena8. (But I like my version better. *g*)

ETA 2: Added the relevant frame under the cut, so I can keep gazing at it.

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la la la haven't read the manga yet la la la

The way I am looking at your page right now has Katharine Hepburn gazing longingly up at Inui. *stifles giggles* he or Tezuka would totally be the ones she'd go for

Re: la la la haven't read the manga yet la la la

LOL! She can't have Inui so it will have to be Tezuka for her.

hee. Man, Kaidoh is looking fine in the manga.

Your translation is so better.

Yes and yes. And I just can't stop looking at that top frame. It's so *perfect*. Momo gazing at Kaidoh, Inui just barely in frame behind Momo. I love the composition. If it wouldn't turn to porridge when I re-sized it, I'd make it into an icon.

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