Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

As time goes by.

Christ, how can I be expected to think up different ways to describe kisses all the time? (And, you know, other goings on.) Especially trying to make up some sort of original but not really, really stupid metaphor.

I'm starting to write stuff like:

* Inui felt like a bunch of mice were nibbling on his liver and tickling the underside of his skin with their fur.

* It reminded Inui of the last time he'd had the flu: he was hot, shaking, weak.

* One time Inui had opened up his computer monitor to try to fix a bad connection that made the screen flicker and he'd touched the wrong thing and gotten an electric shock that threw him back across the room, every centimeter of his skin tingling and every hair on his body standing on end. This kiss was just the same but without the scorched smell.

* Soft. Soft and hard and hot and wet and burning and icy and up and down and north and south and dry and happy and sad and did he mention burning?

* It was what Inui always thought teleportation would be like, every particle in his body torn apart and put back together, only everything was different afterwards.

* It was nice. Like yoghurt. Inui liked yoghurt.

Hmm. Maybe I should take a break.
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