Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

And Matthew Damon was a vampire

A quick drabble for the hp100 Five Senses challenge: Candy.

And some blather.

I'm fannish about a lot of shows/books/movies. I write a lot of fanfic. But only very rarely for Buffy. It just doesn't hit me that way. But on the other hand, it's the only one of those fandoms I ever dream about.

The dreams are usually quite plotty and enjoyable, but last night, after a good part where I was going to try to convince Xander to make out with me because we were bored, I had to kill one of the Slayers in Training because she was being taken over by evil.

Afterwards, sobbing, I tried to explain to someone else that it was one of the SITs that we've known for a long time, who's had lines and everything. And that I'd never killed anyone before, since I was sure I'd remember if I had.

Gah. But now I have a five-day weekend so I'm going to go do fun stuff and not kill anyone at all.

Tags: drabbles, fic, harry potter
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