Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Stargate: Atlantis - Runner

I have got to stop watching SGA right after BSG.

Not as boring as last week, but still very tedious. The construction of the episode, with everyone running around and meeting and losing and back and forth and to and fro, seemed like a bedroom farce only it was all Dreadly Deadly Serious. Ford was unconvincing. Rodney actually almost annoyed me and I'm never annoyed by Rodney. Sheppard's hair was seriously out of control.

I never once thought that any of them was in the slightest danger. Even from the Wraith. *sigh*

So, is Tyr/3 (so-called because if you divided Tyr Anasazi by three, you'd get three of this guy) going to be joining Our Heroes from here on in? How many Shep/McKay fics called "Always Wear Sunscreen" have already been posted? And will Caldwell ever take his damn shirt off and chop some wood?

Maybe next week.

But got myself a Caldwell icon finally! Caption derived from something basingstoke said.
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