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You can call me Hal.

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Email problems
ETA: The prillalar.com email seems to be trickling in now, just in time for the runbox mail to go down. This has got to be karma. I'm terrible at answering email.


I'm not getting email from hal @ prillalar.com right now and haven't for the last day or so. If you need to get in touch with me, you can use prillalar @ runbox.com. I can get comment notifications for my own journal from Recent Comments but not other journals. (Well, until just now when I changed the email address.)

Test mail from two accounts just disappears, while gmail gives a "domain name not found" error. The website is up, though, at least for me: http://prillalar.com.

I haven't tried to contact the host yet because of the strange circumstances of my hosting. The company is a small, probably one-man, operation based in the UK. When I signed up, the hosting fees were very reasonable and I had shell access and other cool things. Later on, the admin decided to move his billing system from a third-party to one he was building on his own. It would take a few months to complete and then everyone would be moved onto it.

I was never moved on. I have contacted the admin on several occasions, asking to pay for my hosting, but have never got a response. I figure I've made a good effort and it's up to him to make sure I'm charged for my account. But it does make me less likely to harass him with support requests.

I've got a good backup so if I had to move, I could do it almost instantly. I just hope I don't have to.

(But I'm still happy!)

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Hope you didn't catch it from me.

bcfan claims that once I started having computer issues, she and her fiends experienced them. So it's all my fault.

On a more light-hearted note, I was able to pinpoint why my boss's iMac was doing weird screen jiggles and monitor glitches:

Her "handyman" had, in an attempt to conceal electronic spaghetti, used NAILS to keep her cords in place. One especially large and nasty nail had pinched the POWER CABLE in back of the desk, where we couldn't see it. The nail was apparently acting as a rogue antenna, receiving variances in humidity, electrostatic charges, and beams from Reticulans as it intruded upon the cord's shielding.

There was much cussing and handyman-trashing as her husband and I replaced the power cord and ripped out paneling to get to the other "concealed" cables, but I'm happy to report that her iMac is happy and all her cords are accessible and labeled. :)

BTW, http://prillalar.com works fine on this system (my other boss's Windoze XP/Firefox/DSL) so maybe it's just your email server that's on crack.

apropos to nothing in this entry, i have a groveling fangirly request.

I've been trying to dig up the PoT mp3 of Inui singing Pi, but i'm coming up short in a variety of venues. What i do keep turning up is your journal entry that says it's hilarious.

If i bribed you with offers of Inui/Kaidoh ficlets (or any other sort you might desire), would you be willing to send it my way, or tell me where I could find it?

Sorry to be a noob all over your journal, but my desire to hear Inui chant numbers is outweighing my shame. Thanks!

When did you start watching tenipuri? Well, it just goes to show: ALL SHALL FALL!

You really need the whole album; Inui's voice is to die. So here it is:


No bribery required. :) And LMK if you need other stuff -- media, information, etc.

oh my goodness, you are an absolute DOLL. *HUGS* Also, if i didn't already adore you, that icon would have done it for me. Greek and PoT, could anything be more perfect?

a handful of people on my flist were all getting into it at once, so i finally caved. These boys are totally the best thing ever (all except for that purple metallic rose sweater of Mizuki's, that was just terrifying). and there's so very, very many of them!

and then there's the fact that the characters have their own albums...the crack knows no bounds, even more so than KKM, and that's saying something.

Thanks again so very much! *puts Inui on loop*

I still have not figured out what makes this particular show so compelling. Somehow, amidst the crack and the tennis, there are a lot of complicated people in complicated relationships. It's over a year now and I'm still trying to work out the nuances of InuKai. I'm having to do an episode-by-episode analysis of the whole goddamn show in order to write more TezuRyo. And then there are all the other characters I'm just now getting to.

Sure there's crack, but there's a whole lot more as well.

Tenipuri has a lot of media: manga, anime, musicals, movie, music, radio shows, plus all the merchandise. You could drown in this stuff. I think I am.

i understand completely why this show holds up so well upon re-watching, because there are just so many schools and rival teams, that if you blink you probably missed a few of them.

I'm a little hung-up on the more obvious pairings on my first go-through here, the Golden Pair (i want to make testicle jokes so very badly) and Fuji/Tezuka (Fuji may be the scariest seme ever), but the relationships between all the characters are exceptionally detailed, and i think that's part of the compelling nature of the show as well. Even though we spend a lot of time saying "hey, Ryoma just made up some genius move to save our ass again", i don't often feel that other people in the show are neglected for the sake of that. With this number of characters, that is very impressive.

although Ryoma hitting that guy in the face with the A Drive may be one of the more satisfying moments in the history of anime tennis.

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