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You can call me Hal.

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Bits and pieces
I think all my email is working again.

Honey and Clover is breaking me. At first I wanted to write some fun little bits of fic for it, but I think I've gone past that point. All I can do now is watch the show and feel the pain. But such a delicate and subtle pain.

A couple of people were after Inui's album so I've re-upped it to YSI. Fanservice and smex, oh yes.

I finished my second read-through of HBP. When I started, I had an idea for some fic but after I was done, I realised it would never fit into the book. The scope is narrowing so much for the main characters now. And so is the focus. I feel like the books started out with only a few characters really present in the story: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape, Hagrid, Draco. As the books went on, the focus widened and more characters got their day in the sun. And now things are moving back down again, to more or less the same group of characters. Good for the plot, I think, but bad for the fic.

The Boy and I have been watching S1 of Dead Like Me. At first we were underwhelmed. The pilot and the first couple of eps seemed to miss their mark. But then it got so, so good. I think we've only watched 6 or 7 eps so far. For favourite characters, I waffle between Reggie and Delores. The relationship between Joy and Reggie is the best thing about the show, but Delores rules the universe with her coolness, so it's tough call.

I am thinking out some MomoKai fic at the moment. I'm trying to do it from Kaidoh's POV, which is unusual for me and MomoKai. And harder. Momoshiro is a dream to write, the best POV character I've ever found, I think, in my long years of fic-writing. Kaidoh is so much more difficult. And I think he dislikes me. Back in May, I was going to write something for his birthday and we had this coversation:

Hal: So, what would you like for your birthday? Inui? Momo? Kamio? Mizuki? Tomoka?

Kaidoh: Why don't you leave me the hell alone for once?

Hal: Oooooookay. *backs away slowly*

How do you make a fictional character like you?

I will be out of town for a few days, but since I'll probably be online while I'm gone, you won't be able to tell the difference, I'm sure. I've spent the evening ritually charging all my electronics in preparation for the trip.

And now I must iron. This is somebody's fault.

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OK, if KKM is too much of a love triangle for you, maybe you should give H&C a miss. But it's just so good, I'd hate to tell you not to watch it. It's the kind of pain that feels worthwhile.

(Deleted comment)
You say "love triangle" like there's only one...

(Deleted comment)
The love triangle in KKM broke me before I was 20 episodes in. WAH WOLFRAM WHY CAN'T YUURI LOVE YOU FOREVER. ASDFJKLADSJKF

(I haaaaaaaaate love triangles, dude. they hurt my heart. :( )

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hee! You're laughing now, but soon you'll find yourself putting it on repeat, unable and unwilling to let that sexy voice out of your ears.

(Deleted comment)
Let me know what more I can do. :)

(Deleted comment)
I know! The first weekend I had it, I was just lying on the couch, listening and listening and, er, listening.

*nods in total agreement*

(Deleted comment)

I am Mandy's girl through and through, basically. :D

(Deleted comment)
Heh. I just made myself a mix CD for the road this morning. The first song on it is 'Pi'. *happysighs* Ah, the voice.

And now, I go on the road! God, I hate the smell of 7 am.


Yay new car! Yay Inui-voice!

Hello, Hal! I am spamming this post. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am cracking up at the idea of Kaidoh/Mizuki.

Though actually I'd love to see you write Mizuki. Or Kamio. Or Shinji. Oh please write Shinji. I would love you forever. Although I probably would love you forever if you wrote Mizuki. GOSH I CAN'T DECIDE. JUST WRITE MIZUKI/ALL OF FUDOMINE+AN-CHAN.

I have been trying to write Momo/Ryoma for Orphne because it is her favorite pot pairing only I am finding Momo impossible to write. Though this could be because I am trying to write Momo/Ryoma and Ryoma is off at the U.S. Open and I am all, 'Well, Momo, what should you do now? Go have a hamburger? Okay.' I just don't do well when something is not my OTP. Orphne is like "HAVE ATOBE FLY EVERYONE OUT TO NYC" and I'm all, but then Tezuka would be there, and I can't write Ryoma falling for Momo when Tezuka is there. My brain doesn't bend that way. It is a hopeless case.

Anyway: Mizuki. Yay.

I just wanted to say that I am cracking up at the idea of Kaidoh/Mizuki.

Mizuki seems to have a thing for him. Of course, it's nothing like Mizuki's Fuji Anyone thing, but still.

I have pondered writing Mizuki before, but never Shinji. Hmm. I'd have to type a lot for Shinji. My wrists might start to hurt.

The problem you're having with MomoRyo clearly stems from the fact that they are just buds and therefore cannot be easily slashed. Momo's heart teenage infatuation belongs to An. Or possibly Kaidoh.

Orphne is like "HAVE ATOBE FLY EVERYONE OUT TO NYC" and I'm all, but then Tezuka would be there, and I can't write Ryoma falling for Momo when Tezuka is there.

Ah, but then Atobe would help you out by distracting Tezuka. In my tenpuri Sims neighbourhood, Tezuka and Ryoma are a couple and so are Atobe and Oshitari. But Atobe and Tezuka are having a secret affair. It's all very exciting.

I think I would like to see you write Shinji also. But, yes, it does require a lot of typing. XD

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