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You can call me Hal.

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...and they tell two friends...and so on...and so on...and so on...

After you lather and rinse, do you repeat?

Always. The shampoo companies would never tell me to if it weren't for my own good.
I only wash my hair with Ivory bar soap. It's 99 - 44/100% pure.

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Why did I suddenly feel unhygienic when I went to click never? XD

I didn't know anyone ever did!


My hair is dry, long and curly - if I wash more than once a day, it strips it even drier - with the humidity, that makes it instant fluff. The only times I double shampoo is if I've been working hard, and have sweated quite a bit (or have gotten something on my hair).

Interesting poll!

Oily hair. It's a curse.

I have fairly long hair. It gets oily on top, but doesn't quite reach the ends. And I wear it up all the time and cover it when I'm out of the house.

I use shampoo - 3x a week, usually - on my scalp and conditioner below the ears.

Okay, this is weird - I was going to post a big fat poll about shampoo and other body cleaning stuff this week...


If I've gone too many days (3-4) or if I've been camping or if I've gotten exceptionally filthy.

Most of the time, I just shampoo and go.

I have fairly long hair, so I need the oils to spread to the ends so that it's not dry. I only shampoo about 3x a week, and even then, only the scalp.

...I condition daily, though.

I always thought they put that on the bottle so that you'd use it up faster and have to buy more shampoo.

Not only do I never "repeat", but my hair is so dry I only wash it about three times a week.

It's not gross! Honest!

Not usually, since my hair is actually being kept cut to a reasonable length, but when I was younger I had to shampoo twice to get the roots to squeak.

Nowadays I don't worry too much about the shampoo phase, but I do slather on conditioner for "rebellious hair" (Roj Blake's?), comb it through, and leave it on while I do everything else, then rinse it off at the last minute. And then spray on the leave-in conditioner.

My reward for all this aggravation is that my hair looks OK without blow-drying or product use until it needs to be washed again.

See, now I'm not sure how to answer. Technically I don't lather and rinse, repeat with shampoo, but I do use a separate shampoo and conditioner, so the motions get repeated but not the product becasue if I did, wow, I'd never be able to get out of the shower.

I do, however, have very shiny hair. :-)

My hair has thin follicles, meaning I have to wash it every day. I only repeat, say, once in a blue moon.

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