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You can call me Hal.

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Home and tenipuri and stuff
inui manga
I am back from being out of town. I always think I'll get so much done in my spare time when I'm away, but that never happens. I think my grandest achievement this time was watching three more episodes of Slam Dunk. I have skimmed over LJ, but haven't had the energy to comment on stuff; I'll get to answering comments here soon, I hope.

Genius 280 raw at last! OMG, Tornado Snake! *dies* Take that, Hyotei Princesses!

I'm staring at my files of Bleach, SGA, SG-1, and BSG, wondering which to watch first. Like the donkey with the two piles of hay, only I have four piles. (The Ultraman Max raw is still downloading.)

In other news, there is no other news. I hope to be interesting at some undertermined future point.

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Oooh, thank you for the raw. ^__^

You're very welcome. :)

*waves hand* start with BSG!

I ended up leaving it til nearly last, to offset the effects of Atlantis. Which I really needed this week. *g*

Start with the Bleach! Not like I'm biased, or anything, of course.

I did! Are you watching the anime? Somehow, I thought you were just reading the manga. I'm doing both, but not following scanlations, just the volumes as they come out from Viz.

Both, but I am keeping up with the scanlations, because I'm impatient that way and this story is too good to wait for. Paper copies come later.

I love the seiyuu they picked for the anime. Love, love, love.

I have no idea what's going on in the manga, but all I know is Inui and Kaidoh are so having victory sex. :D

God, yes. Probably while the next match is going on. In the nearest storage room or handicapped washroom. And Kaidoh will leave a love bite on Inui's neck, which will cause a great deal of embarassment.

Or so I imagine. :)

I wanted to thank you for your offer to hook me up with Honey & Clover episodes but bittorrent now has seeders for the episodes I needed.

But thanks anyway!!!

I'm glad you found them. :)

I was amused by Inui using his "Probability of... 100%" line after each of the three moves suceeded in this Genius. Has he always done that, or what? XD

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