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You can call me Hal.

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Weekend media, in order watched
Bleach: Excellent as always.

Atlantis: Crack. Bad, bad crack. We have a longstanding term in our household, called a Laura-moment. This stems from Little House on the Prairie (the show, not the books) because Laura Ingalls was always doing something so painfully embarrassing that it was impossible to stay in the room to watch it.

This was an entire Laura-episode. The Boy and I were watching it at the same time, but on different computers, and we kept running into each other's room and freaking out at how much our skin was crawling. Plus we watched most of it in a small window whilst playing Solitaire. And drank a lot. "Another drink! We can make it!"

Why was "McKay" so girly when he was the girl? She seemed more butch than he was, frankly, so it just felt wrong. Just so horribly, horribly goofball. Horribly. The kiss was funny, though. And nice to see McKay had a date, even if he doesn't know how to deal with women.

Actually, I really miss SG-1 Rodney, who was offensive but assured when trying to chat up Sam. Like she said another time, he was more attractive then.

I'm kind of digging Tyr/3. He's très hot. I thought that Sheppard would be threatened by him, but he wasn't! I think there should be slash. Lots and lots of slash. I've never gotten the whole Shep/McKay slash thing, but Ronan/Shep could work for me.

SG-1: Good, clean fun. This reminded me of the DS9 ep, In the Cards, where Jake and Nog make a series of trades to try to get a Willie Mays baseball card for Sisko. (Self-sealing stembolts, yay!) We can keep Vala forever, as far as I'm concerned. I watch SG-1 for the character interaction and this was excellent.

But they were trying to get all Firefly, I could tell, with the coats and the pants and the outlaw stuff. All those leather pants and we never got to see Teal'c's ass? We were so robbed, dude.

And there wasn't enough Wallace Shawn.

Battlestar Galactica: Frackin' A. Christ.

Ultraman Max: Disturbingly, Kaito had more chemistry with Pigemon than he did with Mizuki. I thought they'd be announcing their engagement by the end of the episode. (Maybe they did -- I was watching it raw.) And I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but whoever gets to jump around in the Ultraman Max suit has the best ass since Starsky's.

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Hahaha, I wrote this episode better.

And yes, painfully embarrassing.

Good thing you posted first!

There is never enough Wallace Shawn.

I hated this episode of Atlantis. They're ruining Rodney completely. He was stupid last week, and he was worse this week. They already did this body-sharing thing on Star Trek Voyager with the Doctor and Seven of Nine. It was terrible then, and it is terrible now. Someone should be shot.

I hope next week they get back on track. I quite like Rodney most of the time.

I like Rodney too. Most of the time he is very self-confident, (bordering on arrogant) and in the last episode when he was trying to go on his date, he was too self-conscious. He was not Rodney-like.

Just stopping by to share the "Duet"-hatred. That was really hard to watch; I have embarrassment-squick issues at the best of times, and this was gnaw-a-limb-off painful for me.

Oh, god, we thought we were going to die of it!

Hi, so I followed here from greenet post, where you kindly offered to send SGA and BSG down her way. The thing is...greenet is being unknowingly evil and trying to ruin my (late, because I wanted this week's eps, too) birthday surprise for her, which includes burned new episodes of the BSG, the SGA and the Doctor Who. And I'm sending them all tomorrow. So...could you kindly, um, not? =)

Also, hi, you seem incredibly cool, so I'm friending you. =D

Ah, k. Can do. Or not do, as the case may be. Please do let her know, when you mail, that you asked me not to so I don't look like a flake. :)

And welcome aboard!

Thanks! I've mentioned you in the b-day card (er, notebook), so you're safely in the unflaky people list. =)

The Boy and I were watching it at the same time, but on different computers, and we kept running into each other's room and freaking out at how much our skin was crawling.

I had recorded it, and the first round through I made it to 15 minutes before I had to stop it and go away; determined to see it through, I started it up again and did get through it, but only by fast forwarding through all of the Rodney scenes.

I've never gotten the whole Shep/McKay slash thing, but Ronan/Shep could work for me.

Ronan is *so* his new boyfriend. I mean, he chats him up in the mess hall, checks him out on the training floor, gets jealous when he finds him with Tayla. They are already slashing in my head.

I can't figure out if it's Ronin, Ronan, or Ronon. And I'm too lazy to check anywhere. But he and Sheppard as so going to be having an affair.

Hi Hal. :-) I fell asleep partway through SG-1, the downside to watching in bed. Do you know of a safe, free site where I can download the ep?


(Screened comment)
I can't remember if I replied, so if not, thank you. :-)

hey, you mind screen or deleting your comment? public linking and all ^^;

Color me embarrassed! I must have either posted this back before it wasn't ok to link the comm, or this post was locked at the time. Anyway, I see Hal has screened it, so all is good now I hope! (I haven't had net access since March, sorry for the late reply!)

I download with Bittorrent and get my SciFi torrents from mininova.org. It's always been safe for me, but I'm on a Mac and using Firefox, so I can't speak for the Windows/IE safety of it.

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