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You can call me Hal.

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Now that I think about it
Atobe is what a lot of people wish Draco were.

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Except for the blond part.

Blonds don't really have more fun. *g*

*dies laughing*

Ohgod. I can see it. I can completely see it. *dies some more, and whips out the Atobe icon just for this occasion*

We've never seen Atobe in leather pants, but he'd wear them if he thought they'd make his ass look good. *g*

The only reason we've never seen Ore-sama in leather pants is because he didn't get enough screen time. I am confident that had the opportunity come up, as it were, he would have strutted around proudly in the most form-fitting leather trousers he could find.

Oh, yes, you're right. Well, maybe there will be an OVA called "Atobe's Fashion Show" where he models different outfits for us.

pacilla reminds me below that Band of Princes has a leather be-trousered Atobe. So there we go.

Oh, that would be such a brilliant crossover.

Lucius to Draco: Why can't you be more like your cousin Keigo?

*laughs* That is absolutely true.

Poor Draco, not as cool as Keigo-sama. *g*

Completely agree.

In other news, my brain was /totally/ broken by this Tezuka/Fuji/Ryoma/Sanada/Atobe 0T5 fic posted on tenipuri_yaoi yesterday. I had dreams about it. I only read it as a lark, but now every time I close my eyes I see Atobe standing there waiting impatiently for his turn while any of the other two go at it. He's tapping his foot. And referring to himself in the third person.

...so broken. o.O

Oh dear god! You have only yourself to blame for that.

Everything makes sense now.

It's the missing piece of the puzzle. *g*

*keels over laughing*

So true.

Draco is really more like Hiyoshi.

I've always thought Tezuka/Atobe resembled Harry/Draco. Even down to the messy hair and glasses and Atobe's obsession with Tezuka.

Hell, they're even from rival schools. :P

Hee! Good point. And Tezuka certainly has fantastic magical powers.

How are you so smart?

btw, I have a friend now living in Japan (ie pretty fluent) and "ore-sama" is just... an amazingly over-the-top way to refer to yourself. The closest comparison he could give me was someone going around calling themselves "king penis" ie not socially acceptable behavior.

(another bit of wisdom from him: "InuKai" sounds like "dog owner" inu=dog kai=to keep as a pet)

Wow, I always figured "ore-sama" was pretty flamboyant, but I didn't realise how much. I remember hearing Eiji talk about "Kikumaru-sama's acrobatics" at one point -- I think in first year. I wonder how that compares.

And re "InuKai" -- that's pretty cute, actually. :)

Putting "-san" after your own name is very rude, it's like you think you're better than anyone else, and you're insulting the people you're talking to.
But using "-sama" for yourself, wow, it's so over the top! I think not even the emperor could get away with it. That's what makes Atobe so irresistibmy funny.

In my head, I tend to translate Ore-sama by "wonderful me", but mostly because it reminds me of Gilderoy Lockhart. ^__^

Regarding the lack of Atobe + leather pants: There's a AMV where of Birthday and Rock54 (word that... somehow...). In Rock 54 the Hyotei joins in with the Seigaku in a live concert thing. Atobe is wearing leather pants.

My god, you're right! I didn't think to check there. So cool.

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