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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
You know those days when everything seems to remind you of William Shatner?

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...only in my worst nightmares?

Um. *chews lip* You know, I'll bet the inside of your brain is a really interesting space. *g*

or a very very scary one...

..in that way where you pause inexplicably while talking, or in that way where everyone around you is gay and in space?

He's been doing adverts for a local firm of personal injury lawyers, actually. I can't escape him.

No. What are those days when everything reminds you of William Shater? What are they like? Does Leonard Nimoy show up?

Yeah, actually, I do.

~ Sarith McGregor

Back when I was still pulling gigs, I (well, we) used to open for a band called the William Shatner Experience.

And it was.

Unfortunately not. However I have had a few days where everything reminded me of Max von Sidow, so I guess it all evens out. *g*

I didn't, until I read this post and remembered that I had dreamed of chibi-Kirk walking along and me going "see, see, it's him, look at that smug face" and trying to get people to recognise him.


Do you know LJ wouldn't just let me comment to you with my icon?

LJ spoils my fun!

I have Chuck Norris days XDXDXD

I was earwormed by his version of "Common People."
"She came ... from ... GREECE, she had a ... THIRST for ... KNOWLEDGE."
Oh bugger, there it goes again.

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