Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Blind or deaf or something

At the tail end of a lovely day, an unlovely thing -- my Finder crashed and when I rebooted, it would only go so far as the blue screen.

I've tried everything Apple suggests and some other stuff I found at Macfixit and still no joy. I may need to reinstall Jag, but I can't find my CDs and it's too late at night to rummage for them.

So I'm in OS 9 right now and my god is the web ever ugly! And I saw a pop-up ad! And animated gifs! I've installed Mozilla now, though, so those atrocities should only be a bad memory and I've got my beloved tabs back.

Even so -- working without pre-emptive multitasking is like losing one of my senses. I feel clumsy and slow. And I keep looking for the dock.

I'm getting email OK, but I can't access my old mail right now. And I was going to vid all day tomorrow. IIRC, something like this happened the last time I set time aside to vid.

I shall stop whinging now and go to bed.

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