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You can call me Hal.

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Meme and GIP
inui int 20
GIP. 'nuff said.

And I wasn't going to do that one-line fic meme, but then I thought maybe I would. But more vaguely:

Give me a character or pairing (from a fandom I'm familiar with) and a word/phrase, and I will produce something creative about it. It may be a drabble or a line of fic. It may be a stick-figure drawing. It may be an operetta. It may be an interpretive dance which I will then describe to you. It may be brilliant. It may be shite. But it will be ART!

I can probably handle up to a baker's dozen. The last time I did something like this, I took about 30 requests and then didn't get through them all. I still wake up in the night, tortured by guilt.

XD I was already amused by your random seiyuu/character crossovers so nothing from me. *chases away Guilt for you*

*hearts and love*

*loves back* *licks your icon*

hmmm...no one's posted so I'll put in a vote for Conrad/Yuuri (KKM)and "crazy ass rituals." Because I believe that *is* the technical term for it....

Some good old fashioned InuKai, please, going out to dinner. ^^

Momo/Kai, 'there's something in your eye'
It rhymes! *dies*

(Deleted comment)

Re: I'm actually not here to ask for anything

And you're so cute doing it, too. :)


Whee, that rocks. I love gamer humour. ^_________^

Inui x Yanagi "You won't be needing this any further."

First, I love the icon. :D

Second, InuKai "Practice makes perfect."

Sirius/Remus; hanged men dancing

Tezuka/Oishi - "You can't get away with this."

Tezuka & Inui, sweat.

I don't know any animes, so I'll have to go for old reliable HP. Draco/Myrtle, please.

hmm, draco/ron...potions?
(ooh, I'm not too late, am I? *goes off to count the number of requests*)