Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Help with downloads

1. A Few Favelets by Shaun Inman
A favelet is a bit of Javascript that you put in your bookmarks or your toolbar. Click on it and it does stuff. Shaun Inman has created three very useful ones: Download Prompt, which lets you paste in a link for download (great for Mac users), List Embedded Media, which gives you a list of links, and View Rendered Source, which shows the page source included changes made by Javascript, so you can pick out URLs.

To install a favelet, go to Shaun's page, grab the link, and drag it into your toolbar. Or right-click the link and save as a bookmark.

2. Down Them All
This is a Firefox extension, to help download multiple files or images within a page. I use it a lot when I want to save images from yaoi_daily or lists of zip files.

Be a courteous downloader and don't download multiple files simultaneously. I have the prefs in Down Them All set to download one file at a time.

Other FF extensions I can't live without: Adblock and Web Developer.
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