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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
If you had cheese for lunch, post this in your LJ.

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Not posting it in my lj, but I'm not sure there's ever been a meal where I didn't have cheese. Okay, maybe Chinese. Or sushi. But if I could have had cheese with those I would have.

I'm having thoughts of cheese sushi now. Maybe goat cheese. Hmm.

Cream cheese is used in American sushi at least -- "Philly rolls" being one example, but I also have had vegetarian sushi with cream cheese in it at this restaurant in Santa Cruz that I desperately wish I could go back to, since even after I decided that I was going to order from the veggie sushi part of the menu I had difficulty narrowing it down to two kinds, and that's not even counting the non-veggie sushi and the non-sushi parts of the menu.

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