Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Daddy needs a new Sword of Wounding

I am off to a gaming (D&D, etc) con this weekend. (Dragonflight in Seattle, in case you're going to be there.) And I have been thinking lately about the various superstitions we have about our dice.

* I won't let anyone else touch my dice. If someone does, I have to discard that particular die.

(That's also how I came to ship Bob and Dave. In one strip, they were rolling up new characters and Bob was having a terrible time. Dave offered to let Bob use his dice. My god, I thought, Dave has it bad for Bob. Bob, though, was horrified and refused.)

* The Boy likes to train his dice. He leaves them sitting on the table with the highest number showing. (Since he's usually our DM, sometimes I turn them all to ones to train them more to our advantage.)

* We have a group superstition that it's bad luck to roll your dice on the battle map.

* A friend sometimes uses a "helper die" when she has to make an important roll. She adds a d10 or d12 in with her d20, just to make the d20 roll better.

Do you have any dice superstitions or other gaming rituals? I could use all the luck I can get for the con!
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