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You can call me Hal.

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PoT Fic: D is for Date (InuKai)
The first of the request meme thingies, for nightengale, who asked for some good old fashioned InuKai, please, going out to dinner. This turned out rather longer than one line.

D is for Date by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuKai, PG13, 900 words.
Dinner and dessert.

Yeah, my Japanese slang book is over ten years old. I'm sure the cool kids don't talk like this now. But Kaidoh and Inui aren't cool, so it all works out.

D is for Date

They had never gone out to dinner before. Kaidoh supposed it was all right. After all, Inui was his senpai and a senpai should take care of his kohai. In return, a kohai should respect his senpai and do what he was asked. So Kaidoh could eat and not worry.

Although it seemed like an elaborate dinner for Inui to treat him to. Shouldn't they have just gone to a ramen stand or something? Kaidoh had ordered the least expensive things on the menu, but still it would add up.

Of course, the restaurant was Inui's choice and Kaidoh couldn't imagine that Inui would have suggested it without at least researching the menu first. Kaidoh shouldn't question his senpai's judgement like this. It was ungrateful.

He would just have to concentrate on making sure it was an enjoyable evening for his senpai. But what would Inui enjoy? Usually they just talked about tennis and training and Inui hadn't mentioned those once. Instead, he was talking about music and books and video games and space missions.

Kaidoh liked to listen to Inui talk. It soothed him and made him happy just to hear Inui's voice. Especially when Inui said Kaidoh's name. That made him feel like he was wrapped in a warm blanket.

"Kaidoh," Inui said and Kaidoh jumped and nearly spilled his water. "Are you enjoying your dinner?"

"Yes, senpai," Kaidoh said. "Thank you."

"I thought this restaurant would be appropriate for a date."

"Date?" Kaidoh said and nearly choked on his vegetables.

"Yes," Inui said. "A date is an appropriate way to spend time with someone you like."

Like? Inui liked him? Kaidoh's heart beat in funny way, like it was squashed sideways. His stomach felt like it was full of moths, all brushing their wings against him at once. And his brain told him, You like Inui-senpai back.

Which was all well and good and it made Kaidoh very happy all of a sudden. But now he had no idea how to behave. What was he supposed to do on a date? What were his responsibilities now?

"It would be appropriate for us to continue making small talk," Inui said. "What television shows do you like?"

Kaidoh relaxed a bit. Inui seemed to know about dates. He would just have to follow Inui's lead until he could learn about them himself. He talked to Inui about television shows and food and places they had been on vacation.

They had dessert. Soon the date would be over. Kaidoh wondered what to do at that point.

"There's a 96% likelihood you haven't been on a date before," Inui said. "So, I prepared this." He passed Kaidoh a piece of paper.

It was a chart. And it was labeled "Date Obligations".

Treated In Return
Drink A
Movie + Snacks B
Dinner C

A? B? C? It was a minute before Kaidoh figured out what that meant. He wasn't quite sure what each one stood for, though. He had heard other kids at school talking about "getting to B" with someone, but he hadn't paid much attention.

Then he remembered years ago when he was visiting a relative's house, he was so bored that he read some old girl's comics that were stored in the room he slept in. Let's see, A was holding hands. B was hugging. And C was a kiss.

Kissing was a little far to go right at first, but if that was what Kaidoh was supposed to do, he would do it. Anyway, he really liked Inui. The thought of kissing him was giving Kaidoh that squashed heartbeat feeling again.

"There's a 98% chance you won't know the correct meanings of the terms," Inui said and passed him another chart.

Letter Activity
A kissing, necking
B touching, fondling, oral
C intercourse
D pregnancy

"D doesn't apply, of course," Inui said.

Kaidoh's mouth dropped open. This was beyond the ability of his heart and stomach and brain to make sense of. Did Inui really expect him to--

"Since I initiated the date and am paying for dinner," Inui said, "I will, of course, be the dominant partner." He adjusted his glasses and leaned over the table. "I trust everything is clear."

This was too much. Entirely too much to expect of Kaidoh. Even though he liked Inui and wanted to do things with him, even those kinds of things, Kaidoh couldn't let someone do that to him. It was weak. It was shameful.

But what could he do? He had already eaten the food. All except one bite of dessert and that wasn't going to be enough to keep him from being ... that ... by Inui. He had an obligation. A responsibility.

The waiter brought the bill and Inui picked it up. He smiled at Kaidoh and reached into his pocket. Then he stopped smiling.


Inui frowned. "I forgot my wallet."

"That's all right," Kaidoh said. "I'll pay." He took his wallet out and counted out the notes.

"Are you sure? It's quite expensive."

"It's fine," Kaidoh said. "You might need these." He passed the charts back to Inui. Inui blanched. Kaidoh smiled. "Shall we go?" he said.

Dates were fun.

LMFAO XDD Damn you, right as I was going to bed and now my brain hurts T_T <3 I loved it.

*pets your brain* There, there. *g*

That is the best ending ever. I always say that of your stories, but seriously.. that's fantastic. >:3

Yay! I'm so glad you thought so. :)

XDDDD Too great. Totally laughing my ass off. Loved it~!

Good to hear. :) Thank you.

Sequel. Yesterday.
*loves on you*
Just another... random lurker *shifty eyes*

Hee! You mean the sequel where they have a romantic and beautiful first time and pledge undying love to each other and angels sing?

Or the one where Inui's all, Are you sure you don't want to see the diagrams I drew? and Kaidoh's all, I've got it, thanks, and Inui's all, I'm pretty sure you don't, and Kaidoh's all, *I won't lose*, and then they fall off the bed?


"It would be appropriate for us to continue making small talk," Inui said.
:DD! What a nice boy; so helpful! Ahh, and the lists.

He really, really is. *g* I'm sure Kaoru-chan appreciates it too.

Loved it! I re-read it for, like, the third time, now. I just have one minor question though...

Even though he liked Inui and wanted to do things with him, even those kinds of things, Kaidoh couldn't let someone do that to him. It was weak. It was shameful.

Now, is the "those" referring to kissing/holding hands/hugging etc. and "that" is referring to intercourse, or is "those" referring to intercourse and "that" referring to someone exploiting him out of his innate sense of obligation?

I'm glad you liked it! And it's the former, yes. :)


The ending. God. And my favorite part has to be when Inui gives Kaidou the chart with all the 'real' definitions of the letters; I nearly fell off my chair cracking up. ♥

~ Sarith McGregor

*brings you back to life* And those *are* the real definitions of the letters, according to my 1992 dictionary. Except I replaced "finger fucking" with "oral" since it seemed to fit the m/m better.

Inui is so /thoughtful/, and well prepared. *loffs all over him* XD XD

Bwah. And nice to see Kaidoh get the um... upper hand after all the cutesy squirming. <3

How would we get along without dear Inui? But I'm sure this will do him good. *g*

D pregnancy


Hee! But it's true! It was in a book and all.

*giggles* Love it! Esp. Kaidoh's reaction to Inui's voice. Mmmmm. I could picture that moment perfectly, just drifting along to the sound of the small talk..=D

I know I'd be dazed half the time if Inui was talking to me. Mmmmmm. Glad you liked it!

*g* Glad it made you giggle. And thanks for the rec too!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, hon. :) Glad it made you smile.

All I have to say is: LMAO. XD

LOL. Too damn funny XDDD
Brilliant, as always :D *luff*