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You can call me Hal.

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PoT Comic: Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street (TezuRyo)
tezuka DADA

The second of the request meme thingies, for neeteeus, who asked for TezuRyo, on the road.

Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, TezuRyo, G.
A Tenipuri Sims comic!


Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street

You are my eternal hero. Ryoma thinking of his cat while pretending to listen to Tezuka makes my little heart sing.

*squees like a girl*



I'm glad you liked it! The Sims are so cute -- I have a lot of fun making them play out my twisted scenarios. *g*

oh my god.


Hee. I just...this will never be not funny. (*snort* And hey, is that Fuji in one of Ryoma's thought balloons? 'cause ha!)

Yay! And, yes, Fuji. *g* I'm so not into Thrill Pair, but Fuji is useful for crack such as this.

*dying of laughter*

That is sheer and utter brilliance.

*cracks up because its true*

i love the little baseball cap, as well as the pavement sprawl.

Ah, Ryoma and Karupin. Who can come between them?

Oh, that brings thoughts of Karupin back into his mind, does it? :D

Hee! You never know with Ryoma.

You just kill me in so many ways. XD

XD OMG this is so hilarious!
((And they kissed too!))

Hee! Tezuka was driven to it. *g*

*guffaw* Tezuka is becoming Inui! Oh, lord.

Panel four killed me dead.

I think that's my fave too. And maybe all Inui's rambling at Tezuka is starting to rub off. *g*

XD Brilliant.

And was Ryoma also thinking of FUJI at one point? XD

Yes, yes he was. But we don't know *why*. *g*

LMFAO XDDDDD AH!! I LOVE IT What is that random kiss?! <33333

Hee! Not random -- carefully planned by Tezuka to get Ryoma's attention. Probably. *g*


That is Tezu/Ryo. :))

You're so cute when you do that. *g*

Ah! This is adorable! XD

*is as dead as wood lying on the floor*

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Brilliant. ♥

(By the way, where did you get those PoT Sim skins?)

~ Sarith McGregor

Thanks! I don't have the link, I'm afraid. It was a j-site, though.

God, I miss those skins in Sims2. I used those, and the Yu-gi-oh ones, SO MUCH. Now I'm bereft.

I'm still playing Sims 1, just to play with my tennis boys. Atobe is a superstar and Fuji is a wizard.