Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I'm not an evil man!

I was out buying Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky today when I saw it: 11 episodes of Speed Racer on DVD.

I'd been wanting some Speed Racer footage for a vid project I have in mind, so I grabbed it. I'd never actually seen an episode before today.

It's brilliant.

Speed Racer is the sixteen-ish hero. He drives this amazing race car called the Mach 5. It's all tricked out with gadgets, like some rotating saw blades out the front that he uses for clear-cutting forests so he can drive through them.

Pops Racer is his dad, an engineer who designed the Mach 5. Pops yells a lot. Trixie is Speed's girlfriend, at least I think so. She is way cool and flies light planes and helicopters around all the time. Speed is clearly not worthy of her.

In the first pair of eps I watched, there's a big cross-country race (well, duh!). As well, villains are trying to steal Pops's plans for a new, improved Mach 5. For some reason best known to Pops, the plans are written in invisible ink on the windshield.

Also, there's a volcano that they nearly fall into.

Even with all the detours to fight bad guys, fall into volcanoes, and cut down farmers's crops with rotating saw blades, Speed still has time to get back to the race and win it. Cause he's the best.

The next set of eps introduces the mysterious Masked Racer aka Racer X. He's a famous racer who always wears a mask. He's dreamy. (Trixie swoons over him, which doesn't seem to bother Speed at all.) Unbeknownst to Speed, Racer X is his older brother Rex, who left home years ago after an argument with Pops over whether he could be a race car driver.

I'm in love with Racer X now.

And, Carl help me, I'm completely corrupted. After a crash during a midnight race, Speed is unconscious. Cut to a shot of Rex in the shower. Then cut to a shot of Speed, waking up in Rex's hotel room, wearing Rex's robe. Then Speed makes his way to the shower, so he can learn the true identity of the Masked Racer. (He doesn't, cause he gets hit over the head.)

It's not like I want to write incest slash about a beloved children's cartoon, but they make it awfully difficult not to.

Go Speed Racer!

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