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You can call me Hal.

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PoT Fic: Eye of the Beholder (MomoKai)
mk bs
The fourth of the request meme thingies, forsarahofcroydon, who asked for Momo/Kai, 'there's something in your eye'.

For some reason, these are all coming out much longer than drabbles. I should discipline myself more. (Unless there's someone who wants to do it for me?)

Eye of the Beholder by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, MomoKai, PG13, 1400 words.
Momoshiro discovers a kink he never knew he had.

There was something different about Kaidoh. Momo could tell that much, but he wasn't sure just what. He put down his pen and looked over. Nothing was pierced or coloured, not that Momo could see anyhow. Kaidoh's clothes all seemed normal. And he hadn't had a haircut, even though he really needed one.

"Are you finished already?" Kaidoh looked up at Momo, then down at Momo's notebook. Whenever Kaidoh invited Momo over, it was to "study". Which really meant sucking face and groping each other for as long as they thought they could get away with.

Only since it was Kaidoh, he actually had to do homework first and then they would eventually slide into the touching. It was like he had to pretend the making out happened accidentally, even though they did it two or three times a week. Kaidoh couldn't just say, "Come over so we can get busy."

Well, not that Momo could actually say that either. But he would say something that didn't involve studying. Which Kaidoh had just asked him about.

"Yes," said Momo, lying.

"No you're not." Kaidoh grabbed at Momo's notebook. "You only did one question."

"I was only assigned one question," said Momo, lying even more. This was where he should put his hand on Kaidoh's thigh and his tongue in Kaidoh's mouth and distract him from the lack of writing on Momo's page. But then he figured out what was different. "You're blinking a lot." Kaidoh usually hardly blinked at all, which was kind of creepy. This was creepy too, just in a different way. "Is there something in your eye?"

"It's nothing." Kaidoh lifted his hand to his face, then dropped it again, exactly like someone who was going to rub his eye but then stopped himself.

"There's something." Momo leaned in closer. Kaidoh was blinking even more now. And his eyes were watering. "Either that or you're crying."

"I am not crying!" Kaidoh said and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"What's the matter? Are you remembering our last match?"

"Shut up." Kaidoh swiped the back of his hand over his face, then punched Momo in the shoulder.

"Ow!" Momo punched Kaidoh back. "Come on, what is it? Dust in your eyes?"

Kaidoh blinked furiously, his eyelashes flickering like the wings on a moth. He looked down at his homework. "Contact lenses. I'm not used to them yet."

"When did you get contact lenses?"


"I thought you had perfect vision!"

"No," Kaidoh said. "And it got worse so I had to get these."

"I didn't know contacts were so uncomfortable."

"The optometrist said my eyes were--" Kaidoh grimaced and more tears leaked out. "Sensitive." He jumped to his feet. "Finish your homework, dumbass." And he left the room.

Momo looked at Kaidoh's homework to see if he could copy any of the answers. They were in different classes, but they had a bunch of the same teachers. But the assignment was different. He sighed and tried to twirl his pen between his fingers in this very cool way he had seen one of the third-years do.

When Kaidoh came back in, he was slouching a little and his head was down. His cheeks were red. And he was wearing glasses. Momo stared. The glasses had gold frames and small round lenses. And they made Kaidoh look completely different.

"Ha! You look so smart, now, Mamushi." Momo dropped his pen on the floor. "Like one of those brainy over-achiever types."

"Are you saying I looked stupid before?"

"Yes," Momo said and tried to dodge. He got jabbed in the side anyhow. "No fair."

"You give up?"

"No, but I can't hit a guy who wears glasses." He scooted out of the way just in time. "You should just wear them, if the contacts bother you so much."

Kaidoh scowled and didn't answer. He picked up his pen and bent over his homework. Momo watched him. The glasses really did make Kaidoh look serious and intelligent. They seemed to change the shape of his face and draw attention to his eyes. Which were dark and intense and not looking down at Kaidoh's homework any more.

"What are you looking at?"

This wasn't right. Just because it was fun to harass Kaidoh and fun to kiss Kaidoh and fun to scramble on the floor together, hands pushed up inside each other's clothing, Momo wasn't supposed to enjoy looking at Kaidoh.

Only he did. And it was making his skin go hot and cold and tingly. "You should just wear them," he said again. Then he grabbed Kaidoh's wrist, yanked him closer, and kissed him.

The glasses pressed into Momo's face. They were cold and the metal hurt his skin. Kaidoh got his hand onto Momo's chest and pushed. "Asshole. They're all smudged now." The glasses were crooked and Kaidoh reached up to straighten them.

"Wait," Momo said and caught Kaidoh's wrist again.

"What the hell?"

What the hell, indeed. Momo didn't know why he was doing this, only that he wanted to. He climbed over and knelt so he was straddling Kaidoh's lap. He fixed Kaidoh's glasses so they were sitting straight on his nose. One arm was free and Momo tucked it carefully behind Kaidoh's ear. "There you go." Kaidoh hissed. "Who knew a snake could look so smart?" Momo said and kissed him again.

He tilted his head more and rested his hand on the back of Kaidoh's neck. Kaidoh leaned up into the kiss, opening his mouth and sliding his hands onto Momo's waist. But no matter how they moved, the glasses got in the way.

"Stop," Kaidoh muttered and moved back. His hair was ruffled. His face was flushed and his eyes were almost closed under his smeared lenses. Momo didn't want to stop. He reached down to Kaidoh's glasses and took hold of the sides. "Watch it," Kaidoh said. "Don't break them."

"Shut up," Momo said. He unhooked the arms slowly and pulled the glasses off Kaidoh's face, careful not to poke or scrape him. He put them down on the table beside them and looked down at Kaidoh again.

The bridge of Kaidoh's nose was dented and red. Momo wondered if it hurt. Momo wondered why Kaidoh with his glasses off looked different from Kaidoh before he had glasses at all. More bare, somehow. Uncovered. This wasn't right, Momo should not be thinking this way, it was going to make him crazy, if he wasn't crazy already.

He was saved when Kaidoh pulled him down to the floor. Then all Momo had to think about was kissing and touching and seeing how tightly they could fit their bodies together. He ended up on his back, Kaidoh's weight holding him down while they sucked at each other's mouths. Momo grabbed Kaidoh's ass and Kaidoh bit Momo's lip.

When Kaidoh finally rolled off, Momo tried to stop him. They never went long enough, they never went far enough for Momo. But Kaidoh wrenched away and Momo knew from experience it wouldn't be a good idea to hold him. Maybe next time.

Momo leaned back against the table and tried to catch his breath. Kaidoh sat across from him, eyes half closed and shirt untucked. "How many fingers am I holding up?" Momo said.

"Shut up." Kaidoh kicked Momo in the shin, but without much enthusiasm. Momo thought about grabbing Kaidoh's ankle and dragging him over, starting up again. Next time.

Instead, Momo twisted around and picked up Kaidoh's glasses. "Here you go." He held them out. "So you don't look so dumb."

"Asshole." Kaidoh took the glasses and rubbed the lenses with the front of his shirt before putting them on.

"Are you going to wear them to school?" Momo asked.


"Will you do my homework for me?"


"You're no fun." The edge of the table cut into Momo's back, but he didn't have the energy to move. Kaidoh was still breathing hard and there was a plum-coloured mark just below his collarbone. Momo hoped to be gone before Kaidoh discovered it. And Kaidoh was wearing his glasses.

"What are you staring at?" Kaidoh said.

"Nothing," Momo said, his skin hot and cold and tingly. "Nothing at all." He twirled his pen between his fingers and wondered if he could steal Kaidoh's contacts before he left.

-fin -

Now I really want to see Kaidoh in those glasses. What's the masculine form of meganeko?

Hee. I love the last line. So teenage boy-ish!


I cannot sleep for thinking of the glasses. *g*

I think I just discovered a kink I never knew... well, ok, no, I was not entirely unaware of it, but I don't usually run across things that specifically play up to it as a kink.

(I think I had an essay in my head once about kinks that only register as kinks to me when they're written as kinks, not when they're just written as facts.)

Hee! Hurray for kinks. *g*

not much MomoKai around, very nice.

Awwwww, thankyou so much!!! I always love the description in your stories, 'hot and cold and tingly'... hehe, the style is so unique and original and makes reading each time a delight. ^^
And I do so love how Kaidoh has to invite him over for 'studying'. It's so wonderfully *him*. XD

You're so welcome! I really do love writing Momo's POV.

I am finally working my way through the first disc of the PoT you sent me (just finished Ryoma & Momo's first doubles match, SO ADORKABLE), and how lovely for this to be the first fic I read now that I'm mostly sure of everyone's names. I love your writing style, which manages to be spare and quirky at once. And oh the mental image of Kaidoh in glasses is ohhhhhh.

ha! My own icon reminds me

Ha! My own icon reminds me: Do you still want/need a disc of "Fruits Basket" manga now that I am mostly settled at school and able to burn things again? If you do, drop me a line with your address (I kinda destroyed it in my great glee at ripping open the squishy PoT envelope).

Oh god... Kaidoh in glasses *molests with love* That's just hot.

Hey, I'm first in line! Hands off!


Glad you enjoyed. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm all twitchy now for thinking about bespectacled Kaidoh. And thanks for the rec too. :)

Okay, seriously, can I borrow your boys kissing graphic?

Mm.. just the kind of fic I need to end my stressful day ^.~

I'm glad it cheered you up. :)

1) Your icon is the smex and I want to snuggle it.
2) The fic was really cute.
3) ...now you make me want to see what Kaidoh looks like in glasses. XD

1. Thank you!
2. Thank you!
3. Oh, god, yes.

Great fic, I loved how well you captured the characters. Momo, lol.

"Momo wondered why Kaidoh with his glasses off looked different from Kaidoh before he had glasses at all. "

I wonder about that about every single Japanese boy I know ^o^;

Really nice ficlet, anyway... both are IC and Kaido with glasses = <3

Kaidoh. In glasses. Um.


ZOMG love!

...the word meganeko amuses me so much. XD; And I have no idea what it means. But, like. Mega. Neko. Catfetish. XD Megane. -ko. End of a girl's name? Omg. I have a bad brain. :D

The fic was love. XD <3 I adored the way Momo's voice came across; very cute and blunt and Momoish. ^^

Megane-ko. :) Megane is glasses. Generally means a cute girl in glasses.

I'm really glad you enjoyed! I love to write Momo's POV -- he's so fun.

You are a genius. First the MomoKai-ness, then the glasses! Oh the glasses! It makes me squirm and squee, in a good way.

Thanks very much!

Thank you! The glasses are just. Yeah. Guh.