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You can call me Hal.

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GIP, now with Starbuck comment fic
Do you think there's anyone on Galactica that doesn't want to fuck Kara?

ETA: Who do you most want to see Kara fuck right now? On the show, in fanfic, in your fevered dreams?

Me: Kara/Ellen.

ETA 2: Done with the comment fic, but I'd still love to hear your choice for Starbuck Fuckbuddy of the Year. :) And if anyone else wants to take a stab at Kara/Ellen... *g*

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No. (She blows my mind.)

Yeah, I can't think of anyone either. :)

Kara/Lee. I know it must be the preferred het 'shipper pairing, but damn, their UST transcends all!

Lee knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He shut his eyes and tried to think of something unsexy: flight manuals, calculus, mowing the lawn. But his eyes opened anyhow and he looked up at Kara, riding him hard, skin glowing under the lights.

"I can see right up your nose," he said for no good reason whatsoever.

She laughed and he knew he wasn't going to last.

I have this weird craving for Kara/Helo. Or Kara/Sharon. Or... oooh, Kara/Six.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Ellen Tigh, honey! The Colonel's wife.

"Back in ten," Gaeta said and ducked out of the lab. One and a half minutes to get to the designated smoking area. Seven minutes to smoke his cigarette. One and a half minutes to return. Three hours to make some sort of impression on Dr Baltar, beyond "polite and efficient".

Gaeta nodded at Forsch and lit up. He took a drag and held his breath for a few moments, until he started to feel the buzz. He blew out the smoke and stress and leaned back against the wall.

"Mind if we share?" Starbuck plucked the cigarette out of his fingers. He hadn't even seen her come in.

She passed it back to him and blew smoke into the air above them. Gaeta wanted to tell her to go to hell; it wouldn't be long before he was out of cigarettes entirely. But you didn't tell Starbuck to go to hell unless you wanted to go there yourself first.

When the cigarette had burned down almost to the filter, Starbuck dropped it on the floor and ground it out with her shoe. "Thanks," she said. She leaned in and bussed Gaeta on the face, just catching the corner of his mouth. And then she turned on her heel. Gaeta watched her go.

He closed his eyes for a moment, then took a deep breath. "Thinking of switching teams?" Forsch said.

"No," Gaeta said. I really need to get laid, he thought and went back to try his luck with Baltar.

(Deleted comment)
Laura. Forever and always.

Yes, of course everyone wants to fuck Kara.

"Are you cold?" The moonlight was faint, but enough to show Laura that it was Kara standing there.

Laura pulled the blanket more tightly around herself as Kara sat next to her. "I'm fine," she said. She was always cold these days, whether she was in the metal walls of Galactica or on the wet ground of Kobol.

Kara sat still for a moment, staring at the place a fire would be, if they had dared to build one. Then she put her arm around Laura.

It was sobering, how little time it took Laura to sag against Kara, to show herself weak. But it was dark and Kara was warm.

"Do you think we'll find it?" Kara said.

"Yes," Laura said. She felt Kara relax.

"I believe you." Kara's head dropped onto Laura's shoulder. Laura rested her cheek against Kara's hair. It was good to have someone to lean on.

They sat in silence for a long time. Laura turned her head and pressed a drowsy kiss onto Kara's forehead. Kara looked up, her eyes glazed with sleep. She raised her face and kissed Laura on the mouth.

Then Kara's eyes opened wide. "I--" She sat up, moved away.

"Get some rest," Laura said. Kara looked at her for a long moment, then went off to where the others were rolled in their blankets.

Laura pulled the blanket tighter and looked out into the darkness.

(Deleted comment)
(I *think* this was the name of the cameraman, but I could be wrong.)

"I have to take a leak," Bell said and ducked out of the room.

"Tell him he's supposed to point the camera at my face, not at my tits." Kara threw a punch and sent the bag swinging.

D'Anna raised her eyebrows. "I didn't think you were paying much attention."

"A girl can tell these things." Kara stopped the bag, held it lightly.

"He's a professional," D'Anna said. "Don't be concerned."

"And you?"

"Pardon me?"

"Where were you looking?" Kara let go the bag, stepped in close. "You were looking."

"I assure you--" And D'Anna didn't get any further because Kara's arms were around her, grappling her in a bear hug, and Kara's tits were pressed up against her own and Kara's mouth was grazing her lips.

"You were looking." Kara's breath was hot against D'Anna's face and she was rank with sweat. Kara was going to kiss D'Anna, was going to bend her back and take whatever she wanted, and D'Anna felt herself quiver deep inside. She closed her eyes.

And Kara let her go.

"What did I miss?" Bell came through the door and swung his camera onto his shoulder.

"What do you think?" Kara kicked the bag, then punched it when it swung back at her. "Some girl-on-girl action."

He laughed. "Hey." He turned to D'Anna. "You spilled water on your shirt."

"My fault," Kara said and grinned. "I'm clumsy."

"Let's go," D'Anna said. "We're on a tight schedule."

When she watched the tape later, she couldn't stop staring at Kara's tits.

(Deleted comment)
Kara/Sam Carter is my OTP. Beside that I'm all game for Kara/Anders and Kara/Helo. Or Kara/Sam/Anders. *happy sigh*

Kara rolled over and licked Sam's shoulder. "I feel like blowing something up."

"Sounds good to me." Sam sat up and leaned against the headboard, the sheet falling around her waist.

"How about a naquadah mine? That would be a big boom!" Kara propped herself up on her elbow.

"I was thinking more along the lines of a whole star system."

"You scare me, you know that? Nobody but you ever scares me."

Sam ran her hand through Kara's hair. "We could just stay in."

Kara leaned into the touch, then began to walk her fingers up Sam's arm. "How about the boom?"

"Big," Sam said.

"How big?"

"Apocalyptic." They slid together and started to kiss.

When Teal'c called five minutes later to ask for help saving the world, he was unprepared for Kara's response.

Adama Sr. Because he loves her in a crazy, crazy way.

Great ficlets!

"You're acting strange," Kara said.

"I'm not." Adama poured out coffee and handed a cup to Kara. Their fingers didn't touch.

"You are." Kara stirred in sugar and cream. "You won't even look at me." She leaned over the table. "Did you have a dream about me or something?"

"That's inappropriate." Adama drank his coffee and looked over Kara's left shoulder.

Oh, yeah, must have been a dream. "Well, there was the time I had that dream about you and me and Lee--"


She grinned. He was more cheerful already.

eeeeeee, I'm IN LOVE with this post. your ficlets are a random rain of presents from the faniverse, and are all BRILLIANT. I second Kara/alltheprettygirls of any flavor (and if there's any character on teevee who *needs* to be canonically bi, it's her), but I'd especially love to see your request: Kara/Ellen.

(here via galacticanews. *pimps the masterlist*)

Thanks so much! I've added a few more ficlets but I don't think I have the energy to try the Kara/Ellen. Maybe someone else will do that one. :)

Starbuck + anyone at all == hotness. God.

I second the Sam/Kara. Mmm. Hotness.

I'll raise you Sam/Kara/Vala. *g*

Hee! These are all so good.

And the answer to the question? Maybe Dead Boomer down in the morgue, but for the chance to fuck Kara she'd probably rise from the dead.

Kara is eminently fuckable.


I'm glad you liked them!

Oh, god, Dead Boomer. Good thing I've already written my Recommended Lifelong Allowance of necro. *g* But Kara would make anyone rise from the dead.

::humps your commentfic like a little dog at your leg::


Nice work. (:

Hee! Glad you liked it, honey. :)

::But you didn't tell Starbuck to go to hell unless you wanted to go there yourself first.::

hee! i love this line.

re: switching teams -- really? i honestly do not get a felix-is-gay vibe. do you reckon that's canonizable, or just how you've been writing your fic'verse?

Glad you liked these. :) I don't really get any sort of Gaeta-is-het vibe either, so I figure it could go either way.

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