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You can call me Hal.

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GIP, now with Starbuck comment fic
Do you think there's anyone on Galactica that doesn't want to fuck Kara?

ETA: Who do you most want to see Kara fuck right now? On the show, in fanfic, in your fevered dreams?

Me: Kara/Ellen.

ETA 2: Done with the comment fic, but I'd still love to hear your choice for Starbuck Fuckbuddy of the Year. :) And if anyone else wants to take a stab at Kara/Ellen... *g*

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I second the Sam/Kara. Mmm. Hotness.

I'll raise you Sam/Kara/Vala. *g*

Hrm. Which reminds me that I have half-finished Sam/Vala around, somewhere.

I actually had a request, back in the early days of Sam/Kara to do Sam/Kara/Aeryn.

Almost the same difference. ;)



even just the suggestion of that is enough to make me pass out...

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