Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

BSG 2x09 Flight of the Phoenix

This show makes me mouthbreath and not breathe and gasp out "Oh my god!" It grinds me and hurts me and breaks me. I can't be articulate about it, not now, maybe never. But here are the high points:

* Tyrol. He's pulling everyone through. I respect him more than anyone else. But I still think there's an outside chance he might cap himself before we're done. If that happens, I will cry and cry. His scenes with Helo were the best of the show.

* Lee and Dee. (Yeah, except for the fact that it rhymes.) I don't think this is moving in any sort of shippy direction, just the reality of sexual tension. Yay!

* Laura. She will never, never let herself break, will she? She must be so tired.

* Tyrol and Tigh. Tyrol wouldn't back down and Tigh actually got it, for once.

* Kara.

* The Cylons ships, coming and coming, and hanging there in space.

* Everything else.

Oh, my show, my shiny, shiny show.
Tags: bsg
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