Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

LJ interests meme

  1. classics:
    I have a BA in Greek and Latin Language and Literature. Every fall, I wish that I were back in class, translating Greek lyric and stressing over verb forms. I did basically the same amount of Greek and Latin, but I self-identify as a Hellenist.

  2. dr tenma:
    Oh my god, Tenma. He's the protagonist of Monster, one of the best animes I've ever seen. (I have all the manga, but I'm saving it to read once the anime is over.) He's brilliant, he's caring, he's sweet. He suffers that we may be free.

  3. flashman:
    After being expelled from Rugby for "beastly drunkenness", Harry Flashman enlists in the army and has any number of exciting adventures, which he mostly tries to avoid. He's a bounder, and a cad, and so very much fun to read about.

  4. harry potter:
    'nuff said.

  5. kiki's delivery service:
    I adore this film. The plot arc is so gentle and the animation is wonderful, especially the flying scenes.

  6. momokai:
    After the first dream, Kaidoh couldn't look at Momoshiro. After the second dream, he couldn't look away. After the third, he picked a fight and got them both thirty laps. After the fourth, he wrote a poem and burnt it. After the fifth, he held his head under the cold tap until he thought his brain was frozen.

    "Hey, Mamushi," Momo said. "I had a dream about you last night." Kaidoh dragged him into a storage closet. After half an hour, they stopped to breathe. "I dreamt you turned into a giant spider," Momo said.

    "Idiot," said Kaidoh and smacked Momo upside the head.

    After that, they made out some more.

  7. popular culture:
    Homer, Shakespeare, and Star Wars.

  8. sirius/remus:
    Well, yeah. Because they are.

  9. terry pratchett:
    I'm re-reading The Hogfather right now. But Night Watch is my favourite.

  10. wedge antilles:
    Luke Skywalker's one true love.

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