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Last night, I got home from work with half an hour before I was supposed to meet kestrelsan on AIM. And my cable was down. I have a dial-up account for emergencies, like when my cable is down and I can't check my email and LJ every five minutes, but it's not great for chatting.

So I grabbed my laptop, walked half a block, bought a coffee, and used the free wireless at the café.

It was great, but it left me with a bit of materialistic guilt over owning so many computers: one desktop, Markus, one laptop, Kaoru-chan, one desktop and one laptop for the boy, an anime/TV file server, and a guest computer since we don't like anyone to touch our computers. And that's just what's set up and on the network.

Do I really need that many computers? Do I really need to be online every minute of the day? (Answer: yes.)

On the other hand, I'm in my thirties and I've never owned a car. (Nor has the Boy.) So maybe that will help my consumption-karma.

In other news, I am slowly getting back into the request stories, after my post-Not the Triumph break. I seem to have lost the knack of knocking off short, fast bits of fic, though. I think, write some porn, Hal,, and when I sit down to do it, I start thinking too much and next thing I know, I have to figure out this whole background, even if the reader will never see it. (Well, except for MomoKai -- they just get it on because they're young and horny.) It makes for better stories, but they take a lot longer.

In other, other news, I downloaded Advent Children from Shinsen, since everyone was going on about it. I did go see The Spirits Within in 2001, but that's the sum total of my FF involvement. Advent Children seems good, but it's hitting the Uncanny Valley pretty hard for me, so I'm not sure if I'll be able finish it.

And that's it for now. Further bulletins as events warrant.
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