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Harry Potter and the Genetics of Magic
This suggests that wizarding ability is inherited in a mendelian fashion, with the wizard allele (W) being recessive to the muggle allele (M). According to this hypothesis, all wizards and witches therefore have two copies of the wizard allele (WW).

The Multiple Self - interesting essay on the conscious and unconscious self.
Most of us humans pretend our entire lives that we are something other than animals, and as a result we think our "animal nature" is something you can just ignore or somehow transcend -- preferably while ignoring it. We enter the false dichotomy of "man or beast", when the truth is actually "man and beast." We are not one - we are two. And the one of us who thinks he's running things is really just a recent software upgrade that runs atop a highly sophisticated operating system that's already had millions of years of performance tuning -- and can run just fine without you.

Request: Can anyone fix me up with an mp3 of Eleanor Rigby? Because the Beatles aren't going to be on iTunes any time soon and I've only got it on cassette.
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