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PoT FIC: Steps (TezuRyo)

So bookshop started the Pillar Pair Revolution for all manner of TezuRyo goodness. You should really check it out. Especially this piece by zauberer_sirin. I said I didn't have time to write, so I did some crack screencap edits.

And then I couldn't help writing something after all.

Steps by Halrloprillalar
TezuRyo. PG-13, 300 words.
People are starting to talk.

People are starting to talk.

"Tezuka," Oishi says and lifts a hand to place on Tezuka's shoulder. Tezuka just looks at him. Oishi sighs and turns away.

When Tezuka leaves the clubhouse, Ryoma is three steps behind him.

They walk. Tezuka buys juice from a vending machine and watches Ryoma drink it. Ryoma's head tips back, his throat works, a drop beads at the corner of his mouth. Tezuka reaches out and thumbs it away. Ryoma smiles at him, eyes wide, and Tezuka's stomach clenches.

Tezuka buys tickets to a movie and they sit in the dark, twisting away from the screen, kissing until Tezuka's jaw is sore and Ryoma's lips are swollen. Tezuka can't keep his hands off Ryoma and so he doesn't. Ryoma leans into the touch, puts his hand on Tezuka's thigh, knocks his popcorn all over the floor.

They stand at the gate outside Ryoma's house, Tezuka looking down, Ryoma looking up. Ryoma hands Tezuka a note before he goes inside. Tezuka opens it on the train. It's a drawing of a cat, striped and squat and badly done. Work hard, the cat says. Tezuka smooths the paper and puts it in his math notebook. He has a test tomorrow.

Tezuka is in bed by eleven. Ryoma texts him: Good night, buchou. Sleep well, Tezuka sends back. xox, Ryoma writes, and Tezuka saves the message. He keeps them all.

Then he lies awake, staring at the ceiling, jerking off and trying, trying not to feel Ryoma's arms around his neck and Ryoma's mouth against his face. After he's done, he turns to stare at the wall.

The next day at practice, Oishi looks at Tezuka and this time Tezuka looks away.

When Tezuka leaves the clubhouse, Ryoma is three steps behind him.
Tags: fic, tenipuri, tezuryo
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