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You can call me Hal.

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September Fic Round-Up
Jinkies! Lots of stuff here, due to the request meme. Still have about half of those to go. When I'm done, I'll stop fic-spamming you for a while.

Harry Potter
Many Happy Returns - Harry/Draco
Drink Me - Draco/Ron

Battlestar Galactica
All About Kara - comment fic, Kara/various

Prince of Tennis
The One Where Inui & Yanagi Move In Together - Data Pair, comic, worksafe images
Eye of the Beholder - MomoKai
Miscalculation - InuTez
Not the Triumph - TezuRyo
Provocation - InuTez
Steps - TezuRyo

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*raises hand* Um...please don't stop?


Also, I've had this nagging thing in the back of my head where I keep trying to imagine you writing golden pair. Has it ever crossed your mind?

Well, there was The Forever Love of Oishi and Eiji: A Tragedy in Three Acts. But that's about it, so far. I did have one other GP idea which was more of a crack Kaidoh idea, so we'll see if that ever surfaces. :)

I classify TFLoOaE as crack!fic in my head rather than GP. =D

Are you a GP fan? I don't dislike them, but they're really not that interesting to me. I adore Oishi, but I ship him with Tezuka. And Eiji, well, Eiji sometimes annoys me a bit.

You know, I think I've become a GP fan. Out of necessity. :D It seems to be the most popular pair (that and TezuFuji) for doujinshi, and I'm not too too keen on the dj version of Fuji. There are a couple of truly beautiful Oishi/Eiji dj's out there. And yes, I love Oishi. And I think I started loving Eiji because Oishi seems to. =D

Well, I will confess to enjoying GP K2 doujinshi. :) But that's about as far as it goes, for me. Actually, maybe writing them would make me like them more because I'd actually have to think about their relationship.

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