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I haven't read anyone else's post yet, but I've opened them all in tabs.

Wow. Good movie.

Scattered thoughts.

It's love.

When we saw River standing on that pile of bodies I for the first time realised how close the words "river" and "reaver" are.

Oh my god Wash. Oh my god. (But brilliantly done, Joss.) You could hear the whole theatre gasp.

"But my ship is dragging reavers!" That was an awesome, awesome space ... not battle, more like a space monster truck rally or something. But it was breathtaking.

Jayne's t-shirts get more beautiful all the time.

The sets were gorgeous. I wish there had been a bit more leisure on the ship to see them.

Zoe and Mal disagree. And Wash sees it. A nice moment.

I wonder how people seeing this without having seen the series will react to Mal. He seemed very unsympathetic for most of the film. Of course we were all, "God, Mal is really stressed out!" but I'm concerned he'll be too hard for people to connect to.

The opening caper was exhilerating. I do love a good caper.

Near the end, I thought for a while that they were all going to die. All dead. All gone. It's Joss, he might have done it.

There was so much tension. I'm exhausted.

When the Firefly theme played over the end credits, someone in front of us hoisted a lighter.

Wow, Book *and* Wash. Seems like a high body-count for one film. I wasn't surprised at Book's death, though. He was already separated from them. But will we ever find out his past now?

And why were they training up River and the others? And what about Blue Sun?

Nice movement with the Mal/Inara story. Just enough.

And I thought I would die at Kaylee's line about, what was it? "Been more'n a year since I had anything twixt my nethers didn't run on batteries!" I adore her.

"I swallowed a bug." River was the only one who wasn't injured by the end. She's very scary.

I'll probably think of a thousand things later.
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